A Day at the BMW Performance Center

Club member and OTL journalist Matt DeWald spent a day sharpening his riding skills at BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Read his story and learn more about the Performance Center in this excerpt from the Jan/Feb 2019 issue of OTL. BMW_RA_OTL_Jan-Feb 2019 Exploring

OTL Magazine – JAN / FEB 2019 Issue

Highlights in the JAN / FEB 2019 issue: The Nostalgia from NMOTO, a tribute to the 1934 R7 prototype, built upon modern r Nine T mechanicals The Rally Raid G 310 GS, equipped with upgrades and accessories to go farther off the beaten path Corsica and Sardinia tour with Tamela Rich Wethead Brake Flush 2018 Ohio RA Halloween Rally and more! VIEW

OTL Magazine – NOV / DEC 2018 Issue

Highlights in the NOV / DEC 2018 issue: Travel stories of Peru, High Sierras, Rawiga Road Rally, Alaska, Europe, and more; Restoration of the “Amigo” motorcycle; AMA Vintage Days; Touring Sport Dealer Spotlight; G 310 and F 850 reviews; “Dude, You Hit a Deer;” Triathlon and Moto photo gigs; and plenty more… VIEW