FAQs: Offsite and onsite lodging during the 2024 national rally

We’re experimenting with some new procedures this year, and, understandably, this generates questions! Rest assured much thought has gone into every detail, with a keen eye toward improving logistics for rallygoers in Fryeburg, Maine, August 29-September 1.

This blog post will be updated with new questions and answers as needs are identified. Most recent additions occurred on 2/25/24 and appear in red text.

How do I keep up-to-date on lodging and camping information?

The best place to go is the Lodging+Accommodations tab at bmwra.org/rally24. That is where we’ll share all new and late-breaking information. Make sure you check it periodically, particularly as the rally date approaches.

Why are offsite lodging options only available to those who buy tickets? I have to plan my budget to know whether I can attend the rally.

We want to make sure that only ticket holders are able to book a spot blocked off for the rally. If we publish this info on pages available to the public, then it’s possible for random Labor Day holiday travelers—literally anyone—to find the information and take up spots set aside for the RA.

For your budgeting purposes, we can tell you that there are no discounts available for rallygoers (could not be negotiated because it’s a holiday) and that the per-night cost for our lodging partners starts at $105. For onsite RV camping, cost per night will be $55 max—the longer you stay, the less per night you’ll pay.

Why does my member password not work on the password-protected lodging page?

Your member login doesn’t work on this protected page (see screen shot). Please enter the password that was emailed to you after purchasing your 2024 national rally ticket.

Why do we have to sign up for free camping? We haven’t had to do this in the past.

As always, each and every ticket purchase comes with three free nights of tent camping on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.* Usually, we tell primitive tent campers to just show up and find their spot. This year, we’re adding a signup feature (see screen shot)—yep, still free—to help us know in advance how many tents we’ll have on site. This will help the organizers to gauge logistical needs such as whether to rent extra showers or portable toilets. It’s all about creating a great experience for YOU.

*Want to stay Wed night for free as well? Volunteer! Watch the volunteer tab at bmwra.org/rally24 for details as they become available.

What should I bring with me when I arrive at the free camping area?

Nothing, just bring yourself and your gear. A volunteer may ask your name or to see your wristband that you received when checking into the event at the rally registration table.

I need to bring a CPAP machine. Is that available in the free camping area?

Yes, absolutely!

What should I bring with me when I arrive at the RV camping area?

Before you leave home, please print the 8.5” x 11” dashboard pass that you were provided when you bought your RV pass online. It was made available to you as a PDF download. When you arrive onsite, please display it prominently on your dashboard when checking in at the camping area and while parked during the rally. You may check in at the RV camping area before you check in at the rally registration table.

May I pitch a tent in the paid camping area with the RVs?

That’s totally fine! Tents may be placed on a campsite if desired—with an RV, 1 tent max; without an RV, 2 tents max. Note that these sites are all paid and are not part of the free camping offer, so an RV pass should be purchased. The advantages of pitching a tent in this paid area rather than the free camping area include access to electric and water hookups and the ability to stay an extended number of days.

I didn’t know when I bought my ticket whether I’d be camping. How do I go back and reserve a spot?

To avoid confusion, these rally products are configured to NOT show up in our online rally shop like the T-shirts. To access the free camping reservation and RV camping passes, simply go back to the email in which you received your official ticket and follow the link to the lodging page.

Why can’t we have fires in any of the camping areas? How do I prepare food and hot beverages?

Camp stoves and jetboil-type stoves may be used to cook at your campsite. A restaurant on the fairgrounds will open during the rally, and there are a couple restaurants in town.

There’s been a change in the number of tents I’m bringing for the free camping area. How do I let you know?

If you’ve registered for a certain number of tents and need to make an adjustment to that number, please email Ed Desimone at [email protected]

There’s been a change in the number of nights I want to stay in the RV area. How do I make adjustments to my order?

If you’ve already bought an RV camping pass and need to make an adjustment to the number of nights, please email Jill Veverka at [email protected].

I don’t remember what, exactly, I ordered.

Please return to the order confirmation email you received after placing your order, and a list will be there. Alternatively, you may view a history of your purchases on your membership dashboard.

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