Drew Alexander

Drew Alexander


My love for motorcycles began one summer afternoon in 1971 when I saw “On Any Sunday.” From that moment, I knew I wanted to ride. Ten years later, I was a bicycle messenger while attending Fordham University when a coworker asked if I wanted to buy a Honda CB350 with him. I convinced myself it was a good investment since I could do runs to LaGuardia and JFK airports for the messenger company. I immediately bought a Bell helmet and a Schott Perfecto jacket and swung my leg over for the first time!

Since then, I always had motorcycles, mostly Japanese but I always lusted after a German. Only BMW motorcycles had enough guts to put six slots in their odometers! My first BMW changed my life. In 1998, finding myself flush with cash, I wandered into Bob’s BMW and bought a Mystic Red K75S. I loved that bike, but a kamikaze deer snapped it and both my legs in half!

Because of that motorcycle, I began a life in the motorcycle industry and became active in the BMW club where I’ve served as Vice President and President for several years. I’ve put on many miles, shared many stories throughout the years and have had many adventures with my riding friends… and many more to come!

While BMW still makes great motorcycles, it’s the folks that ride them that makes me loyal to BMW. I’ve truly enjoyed meeting such a diverse group of riders as a parts guy at Bob’s BMW as well as many other interesting people at rallies throughout the past twenty some odd years. I look forward helping the BMWRA and its members!