Meet Your 2023 National Rally Co-Chairs

Mr Wild and Ms Wonderful can’t wait to ride West Virginia with you! They’re hard at work making magic happen for the BMW RA 2023 National Rally, September 14-17.

by Tamela Rich

Picking a place to host a large group of people is no easy task, but finding a location for the BMWRA National Rally can be downright daunting. With a variety of choices for lodging, great paved and unpaved roads to ride, breathtaking scenery and all the amenities of Canaan Valley Resort, this year’s rally is going to be “Wild and Wonderful,” just like the West Virginia tourism slogan!

I asked our co-chairs a few questions to help you get to know them. Jill Veverka and Drew Alexander are already hard at work making wild and wonderful things happen in September.

Q: What’s the best part of WV riding?

Mr. Wild: Aside from the twisting roads and gorgeous scenery, it’s the opportunity to ride at a spirited pace with little chance of meeting the long arm of the law. Cautionary note, please be mindful of posted speed limits, especially through town unless you’d like to meet Deputy Fife!
Ms. Wonderful: The best part of riding WVA is there are no bad roads and many trifectas. What’s a trifecta? A winding road between a river and a mountain–of course!

Q: Favorite WV food?

Mr. Wild: Hands down it’s a pepperoni roll, preferably from Sirianas Cafe in Davis!
Ms. Wonderful: Oliverio’s peppers and pepperoni rolls in Clarksburg, just 66 miles from the rally in Davis. Perhaps I’ll visit the Oliverio sisters on my way down to the rally. I used to ride from Vienna, West Virginia, for Yuengling beer before we could get it in Ohio, and eat a pepperoni roll for lunch.

Q: Favorite road or route in WV?

Mr. Wild: There are so many great routes, but my favorite is Route 150 in Pocahontas County, also known as the Highland Scenic Highway. Cautionary note, the Green Bank Radio Telescope makes your cell phone inoperable, so be prepared if you’re riding through Pocahontas County.
Ms. Wonderful: SR 219 or SR 16 from the Ohio state line to Beckley. But I’m looking forward to riding forest service roads near the rally this fall.

Q: Favorite WV destination within 150 miles of the rally site?

Mr. Wild: The porch of the Harpers Old Country Store, looking at Seneca Rocks and eating a lamb sandwich.
Ms. Wonderful: My favorite place to ride to when in Canaan Valley is to the Purple Fiddle for local music. Route 32 will get you there but let’s not be in that big a hurry!

Q: Why are you Mr. Wild and Ms. Wonderful?

Mr. Wild: There are too many reasons to list why Jill Is Ms. Wonderful, but my haircut is a good reason why I’m known as Mr. Wild!
Ms. Wonderful: I’m Ms Wonderful because “wild” was already taken. Actually, mostly because Drew brings the fun.

BELOW: Author Tamela Rich shares a moment with Mr Wild (Drew Alexander) and Ms Wonderful (Jill Veverka), co-chairs of the 2023 national rally.

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