Ms Wonderful’s 18 Reasons to Register Now for the BMW RA 2023 National Rally

If you need reasons to join your riding pals in the “Wild and Wonderful” state of West Virginia this September 14-17… boy, have we got you covered!

Home base for the event will be Canaan Valley Resort & Conference Center. “There are so many amazing places to see and unique places to explore—I’m sharing my MUST-DO list with everyone!” says rally co-chair Ms Wonderful (a.k.a. motorcyclist Jill Veverka).


“What would an RA rally be without great rides? West Virginia is known for its mountains, and in the Potomac Highlands you’ll find many of the state’s most spectacular mountain features. Following is a route that I recommend. It’s a 220-mile trip that will take you about 4 hrs, 40 minutes.”

  1. Start by heading south on Rt. 32 from Davis/Canaan Valley for Harman, WV and Rt.33 east.
  2. Bear left in Harman, WV onto Rt.33 east for Seneca Rocks, WV and Rt.28 intersection.
  3. Left onto Rt.28 north to Moorefield, WV and Rt.48/55 east highway ramp.
  4. From Moorefield, WV take Rt.48/55 E. to Wardensville, WV and Rt.259 north.
  5. Take Rt.259 N. from Wardensville until the T-intersection with US Rt. 50 W.
  6. Left onto US Rt.50 west for 55.4 miles to Skyline, WV and Rt.42 turn-off.
  7. Take a right onto Rt.42/38 north toward Elk Garden, WV and Rt. 135.
  8. Left onto Rt. 135 west toward Oakland, MD. and Rt.560 south.
  9. Left onto Rt. 560 S. to Gormania, WV and Rt.90 west.
  10. Right onto Rt. 90 west. Head to Rt.219 south intersection and Thomas, WV.
  11. Once in Thomas, WV, continue on Rt.32 south for Davis, WV and Canaan Valley.



“I can’t wait to visit the West Virginia Highlands Artisans Gallery. I love seeing local works and handcrafted items. Just 12 miles down the road in Davis, it’s open every day except Tuesday, 10:30am to 5pm.”


“Yes, Ms Wonderful loves a great IPA beer after a good day of riding. Stumptown Ales is in downtown Davis, only 12 miles from the rally. Heck, your beer won’t even sweat as you return to Canaan.”


“I’ll never forget my first ride through Davis. The Purple Fiddle stood out, so I had to explore a little more. Had a deli sandwich and now–over 15 years later–I’m looking forward to going back to see what’s new there.”


Star gazing! I’ll struggle to compare because I have a cabin in Holmes County, Ohio, where there is excellent star gazing—BUT I’m told Canaan is a great location for us to try.”


“What’s a weekend away if we don’t get a little dirt on our boots? Douglas Falls does a nice job convincing even the least likely to hike to get off the bike.”


“Lest you think Ms Wonderful is a lush, my side trip to New Heritage Distilling will be to procure a bottle for my Uncle Jay. Ask me about how my exploring New York changed his taste and love for gin.”


“I can’t stay three days in ‘Wild and Wonderful’ West Virginia without spending time in the state’s beautiful outdoors! Nature provides so many wonders where we ride. How many of you will enjoy Dolly Sods Wilderness?”


“One of the reasons to travel is to sample great food from the area. Whether on your way in to Canaan or out, there’s a special meal somewhere along the way. Check out this list.


“For me, there isn’t a trip anywhere on a motorcycle that doesn’t include exploring local antique, craft or thrift stores. One place I won’t miss is Riverfront Antique & Thrift. I look forward to sharing my finds with you this year at the BMW RA National Rally.”


“A little inside info on Ms Wonderful—I love waterfalls. You??? Can’t wait to check out Albert Falls.”


“Only 13 miles from Canaan, Blackwater Falls State Park is named for the falls of the Blackwater River, whose amber-colored waters plunge five stories then twist and tumble through an eight-mile long gorge. The ‘black’ water is a result of tannic acid from fallen hemlock and red spruce needles.”

Canaan Valley and the surrounding area affords every rally goer a wide variety of choices for accommodations—and two locations mentioned in this article have lodging.
>> We’ve partnered with the lodge at Blackwater Falls State Park (#12) to offer rally-goers a discount. Details to come soon in the first issue of Rally Report, our e-newsletter for all things rally.
>> The state park at Cass Scenic Railroad (#17) has house rentals that can accommodate 2-14 people each.

IMAGE GALLERY BELOW: During a site visit in March, Mr Wild and Ms Wonderful stopped in for food and drink at Stumptown Ales. The beer selection is on point, and the pizza is delicious!
IMAGE GALLERY BELOW: Light pollution is minimal in areas near the rally, so it’s almost heaven for star gazers.
IMAGE GALLERY BELOW: The 17,371 acre Dolly Sods Wilderness is part of the National Wilderness Preservation System and contains much of the Red Creek drainage and contains bog and heath eco-types, more commonly typical to southern Canada. Elevations range from 2,500 to over 4,700 feet.
IMAGE GALLERY BELOW: Ms Wonderful swung by one of her favorite WV parks while on a site visit in March. Ahhhh, nature! Blackwater Falls State Park is so relaxing.


“The destination ride to Spruce Knob—the highest point in the state—is a couple hours over and couple back, but you can brag that you were on top of West Virginia!”


“West Virginia’s iconic Seneca Rocks at the junction of US 33, WV 28 and WV 55 are not to missed! The peak is inaccessible except by skilled rock climbers, but the discovery center at its base features a striking view of the landmark and a gift shop, classrooms, art displays, and an indoor rock climbing wall.” I love eating nearby at Front Porch Restaurant located in Harper’s Old Country Store where you’ll find an iconic outdoor binocular viewer and a second-story view of Seneca Rocks.


“Venture underground! Peaks, valleys, lakes, and waterfalls are numerous in West Virginia, but you can also visit amazing caverns. Check out this list of the best caves in WV.


“If you love the science of skies like I do, visit the exhibit hall at Greenbank Observatory. It’s open Thursday through Sunday, and tours are conducted throughout the day. I can’t wait!”


“I’ve heard from fellow riders that a trip to Cass Scenic Railroad is well worth your time. Not only is the steam locomotive and train ride itself amazing, the route to get there is a motorcyclist’s dream. Stopping points on the way include the previously mentioned Seneca Rocks, Spruce Knob, and Greenbank Observatory.”


EARLY REGISTRATION ends August 15. If the previous 13 ideas for things to eat, hike, see, or drink haven’t convinced you to buy your ticket, maybe saving $10 or $20 will,” she says. “Tickets go up in price mid August, and then again for onsite registration. I know I’d rather spend those extra bucks exploring the “Wild and Wonderful” state of West Virginia. Wouldn’t you?”

Click here to purchase tickets or read more about the BMWRA 2023 National Rally.

IMAGE GALLERY BELOW: Spruce Knob is West Virginia’s highest peak. The stone and steel observation tower provides a breathtaking view, and there’s a half-mile trail circling the knob that also provides panoramic views. Vault toilets, picnic tables, grills, and parking complete the facilities available at the tower.
IMAGE GALLERY BELOW: Head to the top of Seneca Rocks for some incredible views.

Love tent camping? You’re in luck—your rally ticket earns you a FREE spot. Watch for details as they become available.

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