A Special Note About the Game of Roads National Rally and COVID-19

Hello everyone,

Rally planning is complete and all that’s left is the details. If you’re like me, you’re getting the bags out, making a list and checking it twice! I hope everyone has great weather and little traffic on the way to the Game of Roads in Waynesville.

On a serious note, I want to talk with you about the elephant in the room, or rather COVID-19. We all want it to go away so we can resume a normal life but the reality is we’ve got to deal with the situation we’ve been handed. The current status in Haywood County is Code Orange, meaning masks are required in all county facilities and masks are encouraged elsewhere.

That leads me to our policy at the rally and what you can expect when you get there. In no particular order, these are the precautions we have taken.

  1. Shower trailers will be professionally cleaned Friday and Saturday. This is scheduled for mid-day so it should not interrupt your routine.
  2. Hand washing stations will be placed in locations that don’t have a permanent sink.
  3. Hand sanitizer will be available everywhere. Please use it liberally.
  4. Masks will be available for those who may have lost theirs on the way.
  5. Social distancing is encouraged at all times, especially when waiting in line.
  6. Masks are encouraged outdoors and around the rally site.
  7. Masks will be required indoors so that we are in stride with Haywood County policy for their government buildings.

If you feel uncomfortable with the current situation, we will gladly roll your registration over until next year. Please use this Contact Form.

We understand the situation is not ideal and we want everyone to have a choice.

Thank you and I look forward to what promises to be the best rally in RA History!

Matt Smith
Rally Chairman

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