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2013 Rally - Asheville, NC

Our return to "America's Castle" the Biltmore Estate, June 20-23, 2013

CCW at Biltmore rally

Sat, 2013-06-15 20:07 -- ICPete

After studying the NC law on concealed carry, I learned it is not legal where alcohol is sold and consumed. Also not legal at events that charge admission. Would I be correct to therefore conclude that CCW would be illegal within the Biltmore Estate grounds during the RA rally? Or only illegal within the beer tent and for gatherings, such as awards ceremony?
Or does anybody know whether the Biltmore Estate itself forbids carrying concealed weapons on their grounds? I have searched for this info but have not been able to find it.


Beer! Beer! Beer!- Beer Cruize Update

Thu, 2013-06-13 10:56 -- rockers

Asheville BMWRA Brew Tour

Well- while we had many people taking the initiative to setup a micro-brewery Brew Tour during the RA rally, these efforts have caused a “wee bit” of confusion and ended up dealing with more than one tour company…Opps! So we are in last minute recovery mode and after talking to “Rev Willie” of the Gonzo Team and the tour companies; we’ve decided to go with “Asheville Brewery Tours”.

Riding to the Rally from East Texas

Tue, 2013-06-04 19:15 -- detbmw

A buddy and I are riding to NC from East Texas (Nacogdoches) on our R1100RTs. We plan to head to Jackson, MS on the 18th, then head north up the Natchez Trace and camp out somewhere near the Trace the first night. Then leave the Trace in the middle of southern Tennessee and head east to Asheville, NC, arriving on Thursday. We might stop in at Pandora Motorsports on Wednesday.




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