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BMW RA Regions Program

BMW RA Regions Program

The BMW RA is committed to a continuous grass roots outreach to new and experienced riders who may share our mind-set and passion for our machines. Our goal is to provide existing and potential members with unique opportunities for camaraderie, the sharing of technical knowledge, and plain old good-times through local BMW motorcycle related activities. A Region Direector promotes a sense of family among BMW riders and local area clubs whether RA affiliated or not.


Western North & South Carolinas

Western North & South Carolinas Representative: RA #40203 JOHN MOORE (Username: Jfmoore430)


Wisconsin Representative: RA #25703 RANDY BORIS (Username: manic mechanic)
Wisconsin Representative: RA #15121 ROBERT ALEXANDER (Username: rockers)
Wisconsin Representative: RA #13090 DAVID HENDERSON (Username: David Henderson)
Wisconsin Representative: RA #43656 CHAD GARCIA (Username: tazmanianbiker)


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