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BMW Riders Association International
PO Box 435
Clarksville, OH 45113 USA
(866) 924 7102 toll free USA

President: George Nyktas
Vice President: Karen Jacobs
Treasurer: Bob Ulrich


  • Jessie Ratermann
  • Hans Rosenstein
  • Martin Fischer
  • Jerry Dockery
  • Matt DeWald
  • Sibley Poland

Chartered Clubs: Jessie Ratermann

Regions Program: Jerry Dockery



Editor: Jane Schluter
Editor from OZ: Damien Cook
Off Road: Jason Adams
Tech: See Techline page

Rally-Map: George Nyktas

Advertising Manager
Jane Schluter
PO Box 435
Clarksville, OH 45113
(866) 924-7102



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