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    I used to try and find different ways from OKC to the West when I worked there up through Kingfisher then toward Guyman Black Mesa state park(highest point in OK.) into New Mexico was interesting, up through Buffalo to Dodge City was fun lots of plains museums and old Army Forts to see, RT 66 excursions off US40 toward 39 East of Tucumcari to Roy then Wagon Mound over toward Taos then North is a way or 40 to 104 then to Las Vegas N.M. is good to. The Roy route with a ride through the short but cool Canadian River Canyon a surprise I won’t forget.

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    Well guess the powers that be don’t care about honoring their commitments so I have made other plans during the rally season with other organizations I’m only one but usually spend over a grand at rally’s with food fun and farkles.

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    I remember when those places first started going up in Va. I was so upset I didn’t ride that section for a few years. I wish they could put a stand of trees up between them and the Parkway.

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    That sucks I’ve been to that explore area not bad. I hope the remoteness makes this outsourced attraction go out of business so they can make it a camp area or just another picinic place where they don’t need service people. Kinda sounds like when Disney wanted to to build next to Manassas.Maybe of more riders would join friends of the parkway we could put more pressure on keeping it pristine.

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    I agree it’s a pretty ride lay back and enjoy it around 55 I’ve been doing it since 84 and it gives me piece of mind. Remember you are sharing it with a large number of bicycleists that may be tired and alot of RV’s on a narrow twisty road for the first time plus wildlife that doesn’t get out of the way (turkeys can do almost as much damage to a bike as a deer can)

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    Last year I spent the 4th in Durango Co. on the way out to Laguna Seca. It was a fun town. I’ll probably stop there again next month on my way to the AMA races in Utah.

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    Well some things have changed and it looks like I will not be doing the Tour. I’ll probably only be able to make the MOA rally in VT. I’ll keep on checking in on this forum though to keep up with those of you who will be makin’ it. I had already pre registered for Boise and had signed up for the dinner so someone can have my spot there.
    Good luck to all.

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    Keep up the dialogue since I can’t make till the MOA your posts are appreciated

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