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    I was there this morning (July 4th) the Bridge is closed for repairs. I talked to a resident of Brookfield as was told the bridge is not likely to reopen this year…funding problems.
    Sorry it is a neat ride

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    The server would not let me post a new Thread …but the loss of Higdon seem symbolic
    here is what I tried to post
    Comment on the June issue
    While change is necessary…it seems to have become stale already. OTL seems to RR1000 never ending ad. Over 20 pages in this issue. Quite a bit in previous issues alrady. I understand catering to a new younger audiance but the RR1000 montone is boring. In europe the F800 series seems to be developing a broader group of riders. How is it doing in the US? New riders, woment? How about some more on that…there are 4 models …
    The GS is the core of BMW sales and ofcouse riders… more on that, farkles tested, rides, etc
    Also the intel section has become empty. There used to be good stuff there, real intel not just BMW press releases, new models, management changes, etc.

    Just my 2cents…and I am an old BMW rider so likely I’m the wrong demographic…but I do buy some type of bike every couple of years and have spent over $3k on accesories this year.

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    I too could not find water proof XM, so I used the cheep XM reciever they sent me for free for not canceling XM when I traded my last car. It turns out you can buy it for $29 and it works fine. It has one big knob (not a bunch of tiny buttons) that you can work with gloves on too. I bought a motorcycle antenna which I mounted on my hand guard and just placed the cheapie XM on top of my tank bag. In mist and light rain I leave it there. In heavy rain I put it in the tank bag. 11k miles this year so far so good. If it dies I just get another.

    ps I came to the same conclusion with GPS. I got a Garmin 1490 with large 5 inch touch screen which work well( well ok) with gloves on a RAM mount. It stays dry behind my Aeroflow in mist and light rain. When in rains hard I unplug it and put it in the tank bag.
    Factory recondition unit $200. If it dies I’ll get another.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)