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    You’re absolutely correct, Diann and I volunteered at the RA store, had a great time………..Rod.

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    Diann and I enjoyed our return to Biltmore rally, great area, great location.

    We managed to volunteer at the Black Eagle shop for a couple of hours on aturday, that was fun also…………Rod.

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    I also have a 550 Nuvii on a 76 R90/6.

    Yes it’s tough to operate with gloves on however you’re supposed to be riding, not poking with the toys.:)

    It works great for me………….Rod.

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    I perform all my own maintenance and rebuilds with the exception of machining such as cylinder boring, for my R90/6.

    Diann has recently purchased an F650GS so I guess I’ll be learning about that as well……….Regards, Rod.

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    Diann and I had a good ride down, spent 1 1/2 days on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and really enjoyed our visit to Biltmore.

    The showers weren’t great, however the cold water does to move people through the showers at a brisk rate. Perhaps since this was a BMW rally it’s in keeping with German efficiency!

    We worked the door prize booth for 3 hours on Friday, met Dave, and had a great time helping out. We always volunteer for something at rallies, it makes the rally more enjoyable, and you get to meet people.

    If you haven’t volunteered before, I suggest that you give it a try at your next rally.

    Regards, Rod.

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