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    [B]The field is taking shape and the mowing is scheduled to be done Sunday night. The area is flat
    and has terrific drainage; perfect for camping.[/B]

    [B]Phillip stakes out his choice of campsites. But folks there is so much choice camping that
    everyone will get a primo spot in the shade.

    [B]The Yankee Beemer Toy Box arrives with its cargo of coffee urns. There will be plenty of
    free GREEN MOUNTAIN GOURMET COFFEE. John Steele, Robert Bailey and
    YB President Roy Bertallotto. Thanks Roy.[/b]

    [B]President Roy and Debbie talk about coffee and the upcoming RA Rally in Heath, MA.[/B]

    [B][SIZE=”3″]This is going to be one heck of a rally.[/SIZE][/B]

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    Phil Warren shows the area next to the river features a fine growth of brush. Going to be hard getting a fly rod in there.

    Tyler Yandow has the expertise and machine to tame the brush. Bring those fly rods gents.

    Tyler is not shy about wading right into his work.

    At the same time the camping area is being made as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

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    I’m preregistered and planning on coming in on Tuesday night, probably around 8:30-9:00pm.
    [COLOR=”Blue”]Glad to hear you are coming![/COLOR]

    Are designated camping areas marked?
    [COLOR=”Blue”]Check out the pictures already posted and joint the happy campers who are already here.[/COLOR]

    Will there be any outdoor lighting at all?
    [COLOR=”Blue”]No outdoor lighting BUT there are already folks on board who will give you a hand.[/COLOR]

    Will there be anyone around at all?
    [COLOR=”Blue”]Yes, folks have already arrived.[/COLOR]

    I’m just looking for some direction on where I can set up once I get to the race track. Any directions would be greatly appreciated.
    [COLOR=”Blue”]Just come on down and you will be greeted with open arms. [/COLOR]

    I coming down from Maine.
    [COLOR=”Blue”]All the folks in the Green Mountain state send greeting to the Pine Tree State.[/COLOR] :hurray

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    [QUOTE=Roland]Can we get in early……….. like Wed. ????????[/QUOTE]

    Some folks are arriving today – Sunday! Wednesday is fine

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    There is not a large flea market well organized with gate keepers, rally chair and tax taker. But do bring your treasurers and if a few others join you – Instant Flea Market

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    [QUOTE=Ron_Ces »]Don’t forget the fire rings!

    It should be possible to build our own rings with stones from Hoosick River if the steel variety is not available.


    in reply to: Campfires at Rally? #62073

    Good reminder. Will try to get a load of firewood. Big problem with firewood in New England and now New York is a prohibition against bringing in wood from other states. It is not a trade, tariff. or economic protection issue. The problem is trying to slow down importation of off shore pests that are killing native species of trees.

    in reply to: Shipping Info ? #62074

    Ship to:

    BMW RA Rally
    Pownal Energy Park
    Route &
    Pownal, VT 05261

    in reply to: Venders #62050

    About 40 vendors have signed up so far. Will try to get the list up!

    in reply to: Venders #62091

    [QUOTE=Ron_Ces »]Vendor List?

    Worked on that yesterdazy. Twice asked vendor chair but Daz Zee is one very busy due and still strying to scrape up a few more food vendors. As soon as I have it, I will post it. I can honestly say that at this moment I don’t know who they are but just the collection of vintage motorcycles is worth the trip.

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    Not sure if there will be a vendor at the rally but MAX BMW will be doing tires at their store 25 miles from rally. There will also be a shuttle service for bikes to MAX BMW.

    in reply to: Vermont MicroBreweries! #62107

    Vermont has all manner of wondrous things but the natives keep them quiet. If the word gets out the Green Mountain state will be flooded with carpetbaggers from New York. I live in NY but folks in the Vermont club still refer to me as a carpet bagger. [IMG]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g264/PaulBach/Smilies/tweetywink.gif[/IMG]

    in reply to: Vermont MicroBreweries! #62047

    [QUOTE=markap »]Names please?[/QUOTE]


    Visit 10 breweries and get free tee-shirt! Amazing! I’m sure your passport will be stamped even if you don’t drink the beer since you are riding. Get a coke or a Pepsi. Try the Cuisine.

    [URL=”http://brewersvt.com/alchemist”%5D%5BB%5D%5BU%5D%5BCOLOR=”Blue”%5DAlchemist Brewery[/COLOR][/U][/B][/URL] in Waterbury, VT

    [URL=”http://brewersvt.com/bobcat”%5D%5BB%5D%5BU%5D%5BCOLOR=”Blue”%5DBobcat Brewery[/COLOR][/U][/B][/URL] in Bristol, VT

    [URL=”http://brewersvt.com/trapp-family-lodge”%5D%5BB%5D%5BU%5D%5BCOLOR=”Blue”%5DTrapp Family Lodge[/COLOR][/U][/B][/URL] in Stowe, VT

    There are two in Bennington, VT just a few miles from the rally site!
    Madison Brewery[/COLOR][/U][/B][/URL]

    [URL=”http://brewersvt.com/northshire”%5D%5BB%5D%5BU%5D%5BCOLOR=”Blue”%5DNorthshire Brewery[/COLOR][/U][/B][/URL]

    For all the rest of the breweries in the passport challenge, [URL=”http://brewersvt.com/passport”%5D%5BB%5D%5BU%5D%5BCOLOR=”Blue”%5Dclick here![/COLOR][/U][/B][/URL]

    in reply to: BMW RA Chartered Club Seminar #62038

    Don’t miss this seminar. Did you know that the RA gives a free membership to each club during the year to use as the club deems appropriate?

    in reply to: Free food for veterans and guest #62061

    Hey Vets,

    Get on board for this one – better than the chow line. FREE FOOD!

    RMCS Bachorz USN ret

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