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    New XPLOR event registration is open [U]now[/U]… And limited spots (30 spots as of today) available.


    Two days, Wed and/or Thu.

    Here is a quote from XPLOR web site.

    [SIZE=”2″][B]The “XPLOR the Adirondacks” adventures begin on June 6th and 7th at 7:00 a.m. sharp with registration and sign-in at the Painted Pony rodeo grounds in Lake Luzerne. When you arrive at registration, you will have the opportunity to swap your bike for a G 650 Xchallenge later in the day. The G 650 Xchallenges will be assigned on a first come-first served basis and numbers are limited, so arrive early!

    At registration you will receive an Americade Daytrip pass which enables access to other Americade attractions, so don’t be late! (The complimentary Daytrip pass, which normally costs $20, provides unlimited access to two TourExpo tradeshows and to the Roaring Brook Ranch where BMW demo rides will be conducted.)

    Following a hearty breakfast, Jimmy Lewis will give off-road riding tips and expert instruction in the rodeo ring from 8:00 – 10:00 a.m on both days. After that, every registered XPLOR rider will hit the trail for a 70-mile self-guided off-road ride.

    But that’s not all – then it’s time for a free lunch at the rustic Stony Creek Inn featuring live music and XPLOR giveaways. After lunch it’s your choice of either reversing the route or tackling some challenging single-track trails which normally require a $75 trail pass, but every registered XPLOR rider will be able to ride the single-track trails for free, compliments of XPLOR.

    During lunch at the Stony Creek Inn, XPLOR riders will also receive a free pass to the Championship Rodeo and BBQ sponsored by BMW on Thursday night. Brace yourself for bull riding, bucking broncos, and barrel racing action. The highlight of the rodeo will be Jimmy Lewis piloting a BMW motorcycle while a cowboy rides on the back, attempting to rope a calf.

    Event Sponsor:


    Event Contact: [email]EventAdmin@bmwxplor.com[/email] [/B][/SIZE]


    All started with this forum headline here, and I was ready to heading the “Dacks” since then.

    After 260miles of mixed character riding after the working hours of Wednesday, I reached the magnificent forest. Although I was living in the NYC for 6 years, I never been there before, except one pass through during the 2006 BMW MOA rally at Vermont.

    I pitched the tent, set up the fire and I was ready for the night and to take some rest finally.



    When the fumes and cold evening start to settle we start to get crowded around the fire.

    Jason the Stagehand or R100gspd, the Airhead Rally Team leader and Brian from Cross Country BMW.


    Paul the Flyboy talking to invisible Lars…


    Some of us bring the beer, some of us firewood… We chit chat, and mostly BS’ing for hours about bikes, AV systems, more bikes, riding etc. Meantime weather start to getting colder and colder.

    That night was horrible. It was way below the freezing point. I just couldn’t sleep… well maybe one hour or so…

    At 7 AM we were at registration point…





    After couple of cups of hot tea, coffee etc. I start to feel myself much better. Breakfast was pretty good I have to say.

    Today, Thursday, was the second day of the activity and some of us was the yesterday’s attendees.

    After the very exciting speech of “Sir Lawrence”, we were heading to training paddock with the dream of next great activity of XPLOR… The Enduro School at SC !

    Whatever…we took place in front of the sensei Jimmy Lewis.


    Here you go… The master. As I wrote somewhere before as a motorcycle riders we are very lucky. I mean let’s say you want to get tennis lessons. Can you imagine to get lessons from Nadal, Agassi or Federer? Not in a craziest dream…You have to be a billioner.




    I was almost dropping the bike there… It was a full throttle and panic stop in some 100′ workshop.



    And this one was the counter balancing. Hanging with your knee one side, turn the other side. It absolutely need some good physical condition if you ride one of these 650+ pounders.



    After some hours of workout (I took both elementary and advanced classes) Jimmy set us free to self guided Adirondacks tour.

    Thanks to orginizers (I belive Andrea’s finger was on it) they were prepared some route maps. But it was difficult to decide to choose one. We were like kids in a candy store…

    Suddenly Air Head Raly Team was there to lead us to best routes ever. Thank you Jason !

    Here you go.. Our gang…


    And the fearless leader of us…


    He was wheelying but I couldn’t catch it. It is pretty difficult with this digital cameras, and when the fast guys around…


    Some fun filled hours later we reached the restaurant to meet the others and have our lunch.



    Professional cameras were everywhere…


    Here you go, The infamous member of our gang, XPLOR rider Caroline the Evelknievel.




    Be carefull guys and gals… Bonneville is coming. It is damn serious. We’ll see the roaring turbo K1200S breaking the world speed record on its class. Let’s cross our fingers…

    After the lunch, we decide to visit MAX and fair grounds.

    This Bombardiers was pretty interesting. 120 Ponies loaded… They were doing more than NYC Subway trains though !



    And an awesome trial show…




    Motorun adamin ustunden ucmaya basligini goruyorsunuz sanirim… Bu cocuk ABD sampiyonu…


    BBMW’s 18 wheeler… We won’t need a hibachi to cook Japanese if we had bought a K1200R. Actually if you have a GS why you should need more? K1200R… Hmmm, its overkill if you ask me.

    Then we decide to have more riding in the forest and took off. It was 7PM when we back to camping grounds. We all were pretty tired after some 300miles of 12 hour riding all day long. After some sandwitches and beer I slept like a log.

    Next day we should back to the city and we start riding early. I had prepared a nice. loong, 360 miles backroads to reach Manhattan on my GPS.

    My riding buddies on the Great Sacandaga Lake Bridge to Edinburg…




    And I saw an abandoned train and couldn’t help myself to stop and take some pictures… I love locomotives..must be something from childhood.


    It was another awesome activity. Personally I want to thank all creators of these XPLOR activities from the very bottom of my heart.

    So, way to the new adventures…


    I’m sorry but this forum allows to post only four pictures. So you’ll see the rest of the pictures as links. If you don’t want to click them one by one you should visit [url]http://www.bmwxplor.com/forums/topic/show/1010?page=3[/url]

    Dear BMW RA forum admin. Please change this allowance, as you know pictures are just text, and links. They are not holding any space on your server.

    Dan Wright

    If I wasn’t heading to the RA Rally I would be doing this. If I could only be two places at one time.

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