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    Do you actually have CeeBailey windscreen (smoke) 2003 . Post some pics here or Please PM me. $100 would be a bit high, but may be after seeing the pics I would love to but it.

    Jim Dandy

    Hi Everyone. Just joined the RA a couple years ago and this is the first time posting. I currently own an ’08 GSA and want to mount my Garmin 2720 on the upper windscreen support. I think it will give a better vantage point. It is now mounted on the left handlebar using RAM. I’ve always been leary of leaving it unattended because it would be so easy to steal. I’m sure someone out there has upgraded from this older model and has their old mount sitting on a shelf wondering what to do with it. Hey, sell it to me! The unit I’m looking at in their catalog is part # 065-0060. Call 269 370 1452 or E-mail [email]jjbandllb@earthlink.net[/email]
    I also have a CeeBailey windscreen (smoke) just sitting around collecting dust. It came off a 2003 1150RT. Not perfect, but no scratches. How about $100.00 plus shipping? Pic’s and sizing upon request. Also have a 2000 GL1500 windscreen for free. You pay the shipping.
    Jim Boersma
    Schoolcraft, MI

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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