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    Hey there Beemer freaks, This is my first posting, I live in Waynesville which is 27 miles west of the rally.(lucky me!)
    A couple of great rides from Asheville.
    Blue Ridge Parkway toward the Smoky Mountain National Park south on SR 215 is an incredible ride along a river, waterfalls, twisty turns to Lake Logan then on to US 276, left on 276 takes you to Waynesville a real cool downtown, right on 276(by the motorcycle campground) takes you on another great ride to the Parkway and back to Asheville, a great loop.

    As an alternate plan continue on the Parkway and get off at 19/23, south takes you to Cherokee North goes to Maggie Valley and then to Waynesville
    My friend Dale Walksler owns “Wheels through Time Motorcycle Musuem” in Maggie Valley which has the finest collection of American Bikes that you will ever see. This is a world class Motorcycle Museum only 30 miles from Asheville.

    Another ride that is paved but intense is from Patton Ave in Asheville (19/23 south)
    turn right toward Leicester on SR 63 get ready for about 60 miles of unreal scenery. You will end up 15 miles south of Hot Springs at rte 209 near Max Patch. Left on 209 takes you to I-40 then on to Waynesville where you can take the Highway back to Asheville.
    I am a 2002 R1150rtp rider and am one lucky dude to live here in bike HEAVEN.

    I will be able to attend the Rally on Saturday so look for a Black and White rt
    with NC plates

    See YA and happy trails DAVID (aka Turbeaux)

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