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    1st day of December & I had to fire up the snowblower 😡

    Had about 8″ wet sticky snow with some drifts & ice chunks from the snowplows. More snow forecast for Wednesday. Guess I’ll take the car to work the next couple of days…. :rolleyes:


    Gotta have a little snow to make one appreciate when it’s not around and we can be on two wheels!


    Randy Kasal


    It’s not the snow, it’s the cold…


    The cold I can deal with. Picked up an electric vest & gloves last year. It’s the ice & snow patches on the road that are scary.
    More white stuff coming down right now…..:(


    Hey all; Here across the lake from you guys we have had winter for something like a month now. I did manage to get the bike out on Thanksgiving day, but I fear that will be the last time for awhile. I have lived here (in Michigan) most of my life, but have NEVER figured out why!! Only seven years until retirement, and we’re outahere!!! have to go, got a drive way to shovel (again…) Vaya con Dios, Dutch


    [QUOTE=brewmeister »]:yesnodThis is a sat. ride around Holy Hill:yesnod[/QUOTE]

    This is a ride I did around Holy Hill a few years ago…


    And here I was parked with a few of your friends a little later in that same ride:



    There were these three Eskimos in Wisconsin, and one time while they were
    at their local bar, they got to talking about how cold it was outside, and
    how cold their igloos were. They could agree on everything but whose igloo
    was the coldest, so they decided to determine who, indeed, had the coldest
    They went to the first Eskimo’s igloo, where he said “Watch this!” and
    poured a cup of water into the air. Well, the water froze in mid-air and
    fell onto the floor.
    “Not bad” said the other Eskimos, but each maintained their igloo was
    colder still.
    So they went to the second Eskimo’s igloo, and he said “Watch this!”
    and took a big breath and exhaled, whereupon his breath froze into a
    big lump and fell to the floor.
    “Wow, that’s colder than mine! “said the first Eskimo. But the third
    Eskimo exclaimed his was colder still. So they ended up at the third
    Eskimo’s igloo. He said “Watch this!” and went into the bedroom, threw
    back the thick furs, and retrieved one of several small balls of ice
    there. He took it, put it in a spoon, and held a match under it. When
    it heated up enough, it went “FFFAAAARRRRTTT”.
    He won.


    :yesnodThis is a sat. ride around Holy Hill:yesnod


    The last of the nasty icy pile from the snowplows has melted!
    (Plows did a number on the yard this year) Time to ride!! (After I get healthy) 1st club ride is this Saturday. Hoping to be ready to go for the Wild Goose in April.


    Same here. Snow all gone but temps still in 30’s and bike torn apart. Resealing the timing chain cover on my K1100RS and maybe mounting some aux lights. I will probably not ride until late spring anyway. Having operation on foot and got to stay off it for three weeks. That sucks but I have been putting this off for too long. Got to do it. Everyone enjoy spring and the ride.:D

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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