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    [COLOR=”Blue”]I sent this to Bob by e-mail also:[/COLOR]

    I started the WI region this spring. I attended several local meetings. The response in person was good. I believe, although I’ve never received a report from the RA, that I have helped to increase membership in WI. After attending the meetings, I wanted to wait and see what kind of response I and the RA received. In addition, it was summer so I went out riding (including to the RA rally). I did carry with me a stack of RA brochures and handed them to BMW riders that I met out riding. Well, I received no response directly. The forum has very little activity, there wasn’t even a report about the regional rep meeting from the rally (which I requested). The RA hasn’t announced the date and location of the next rally and it is mid-November (last year I believe that it wasn’t announced until December). So, I am left with impression that the RA and its members are dedicated riders but care very little for rider-rider, rider-club, club-rider (except OTL of course), or public (forum) interaction.

    The WI region has several very active clubs, and two of the oldest clubs (no.s 5 and 10). The clubs have regular meetings, organize group rides almost every weekend and many weeknights during the summer, host excellent rallies (e.g. Wisconsin Dells Rally, Great River Road Run), and even hold an all WI club meeting (Wild Goose Run) every spring. The dealerships are good and Art and Eric Mischler (from Mischlers) appeared at the Wild Goose Run and at Madison club meetings. Therefore, I do not feel that I really can add much in the way of rallies or rides.

    I am still active. I will again appear at club meetings in the spring to promote the RA and the rally. I will carry the RA brochures and my RA card and will provide it to BMW riders that I meet out on the road.

    [COLOR=”Blue”]Since sending this e-mail to Bob, and assuming I can get a mailing list from the RA, I thought about organizing a RA meeting/ride next summer to attempt to get direct input from WI RA members. Has anyone tried that before? What did you do? Was it effective?[/COLOR]

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