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    I am sorry to hear about all the flooding in WI… I would like to stop overnight at a State Park (tent camping) or similar on the way up to RA . . probably next Wed night, or possibly Tue night. It would be between 1/2 and 3/4 of the way up through WI.

    Can anyone give any insight as to the status of campgrounds in that area of WI…..?

    Thanks loads..

    Tom Anspach
    Winamac, IN
    ‘Have conch horn will travel’:)








    That should certainly be enough info. . . now if I can just put it all in perspective and location….

    but why worry. . . lets ride and go!!:rolleyes:cool: 🙂


    The water issues appear to be in southern WI, all south and west of Milwaukee. If you stay near Lake Michigan till you get north of Milwaukee, I don’t think you’ll have any problems.



    how about I39 IL North?

    off hand it looks ok.

    Thanks for the info


    If you go to this link;

    and click on “Map of incidents listed below” it shows you where the problems are…I-39 looks OK


    The flooding is very bad across much of the lower third of Wisconsin.

    The best riding is in the western half of the state. When are you leaving?

    The road status information will be much better after the weekend, since the rains have moved eastward.

    If possible, if I were you, I would head across Illinois and come into Wisconsin in eastern Grant County, then take state highways north. There are nice campgrounds in many of the small communities along the way.

    Unfortunately, Grant County received some of the worst flooding, so routing may be difficult.

    Myself, I would stay away from eastern Wisconsin just because of congestion.

    I live along the Mississippi River in Buffalo County. We stayed relatively dry.

    My route to the rally will be to take Hwy 95 east, then head north on a state highway, maybe Hwy 13.

    Good luck!

    Gary LeMasters


    I should have started this thread on the ‘Rides forum’, If I knew how to move it over I would, but I don’t.

    This is my general plan. . . subject to change, like the wind and weather.

    -My friend from Canfield OH will come over probably Monday NLT Tuesday
    -Leave Tuesday morn, maybe after some Biscuits and Gravy at Vicki’s in Winamac (IN14/US35).
    -Head west around Chicago via IN14 etc. Kanakee IL to Morris and I80
    – North on I39 I like to see how many new wind turbins are up. . around Paw Paw
    – Then off the slab up in WI probably N of Madison and wander around feeling our way up to Houghton by Wed or Thursday. Camping 1 or 2 nights on the way. MOL via US45.

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