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    why is this forum not used? – where do bmwra members use a forum?



    10 people have read this.  Now one reply.

    I read the BMWMOA forum and ADV rider.



    My thoughts exactly. Since I have joined I have been surprised how little this  forum is used. It’s like nobody gives a chiet! I am on ADV everyday and there are hundreds of new post. I know the number of members here is far less than the 300k on ADV but rarely is there one new post perday here.


    I don’t get it. As a member I was loking for some like minded souls to have  conversations with, meet new riders and plan rides. It just doesn’t happen here.





    Perhaps because the RA is for “BMW Riders”?


    I joined last year and noticed the same so didn’t bother to return. But I renewed my membership today and saw this topic.


    Why did I renew? Because of OTL. It’s a nice counterpoint to the Owners News and I love the pics. Lots of bikes I would never ride or buy, but I like to see them and read about them.


    There are unlimited m/c forums.


    BMWST, MOA and ADV are the three I look at the most often.



    I log in regularly to see if any news has been posted, to check on upcoming Rally information, and to see if I have any private messages.


    If you are looking for BMW politics, check the MOA Forum.  If you are looking for folks who talk more about motorcycles than ride them, look on the ADV basement.  



    My local club, the Yankee Beemers, have the same problem. More people use the clubs facebook page than the forum. I confess I too am on facebook more for both clubs. I go to the formun for offical club info only. It’s a sign of the times I guess.



    You speak the truth Beemer-Me-Up. We see daily activity on our facebook page and istagram. And our website tends to be more for event and store activity. Don’t let that stop anyone from posting her tough. As a member, this is your website. We welcome the participation.


    Rapid Dog

    …I suspect for one reason this forum is very hard to navigate, worse than the MOA website.

    Another reason is there’s ADVrider. Lessons to be learned here.



    When I got my GS back in 2012 I joined both MOA and RA primarily for the magazines.  OTL was by far the better for me because it had more to do with bikes than social events.  I thought it was the same for the forums.  After about a three year abscense I came back to find this forum is practically dead.  I posted on the forum trying to get some information about GS tires specifically for the road.  There were 7 reads but on ADVrider I am at three pages and still going.  At least OTL is definitely worth it, if I ever get my subscription going again.



    All the action is on ADV rider I guess but some of it is pretty low end.



    I have the same question. Just read some threads, so interesting. People, where are you;)?



    Most people are out riding.  I just returned from Daytona and the BMWRA Mini Rally.



    There seems to be more action on Face Book under BMWRider Group, also the same on BMWMOA group.  Actually, I’m getting ready to cancel both of those groups.  Why, because I don’t care if BobbyBMW had dinner in the South of France with some BMW groupies.  I am interested in events, things mechanical, and accessories.  Just AIN’T NO digital social butterfly. LOL.  You CAN get answers on technical issues on this forum, and MOA but it seems that you get correct and accurate information more quickly on ADVRider.



    I have found bike-specific forums on the internet.  Examples are:



    Just “GOOGLE” your model + “forum” and see what pops up.



    It’s not as active as Facebook.  I for one deleted my Facebook account.  I grew weary of all the content.  There is a lot of stuff happening here, just not compared to facebook.  But it’s a lot more relevant.  Maybe a bit harder to find.

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