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    Lunch stop in Bishop:


    The B&B at the Hot Springs:



    You could choose a room, or to camp. I chose to camp. Temps were in the high 30’s at night, but that makes for more enjoyable camping. Plus, the “entertainment” is more readily

    available from the crazies that chose to camp with us.

    Setting up the tents




    The guy on the left had just spent about $800 on new camping gear.


    He should have studied the instructions a little more before leaving home. Fortunately, I am an engineer and stepped in to help. (plus, I had seen a couple of tents like these

    in the wild before)


    I guess when they say these are 1-man tents, they aren’t talking about how many people it takes to set them up.


    Hmmmm. That doesn’t look right.

    At this point, there were two options: 1. The club pres (pictured) could stand there all night, holding the tent up. or, 2. – we could find the instructions (which happened to

    be on the tent case :bluduh)





    Now, to set up the fancy cot! I enjoy my simple setup of tent, bag, and air pad. 10 minute set up, 10 minute pack up.


    The “A” Team was brought in to set up the cot.



    15 mins later, we had cot!!




    2 mins after that, we had broken cot. :bluduh

    Lesson learned: don’t do drop test on cot. Plastic is lightweight, but breaks easily. No worries, REI takes returns. :rofl


    The bench, ready to go in an assist at anytime!

    With the tent set up, the nights first entertainment was over. Oh, but there was more to come……

    Mono Lake Shots






    Saturday a.m., one of the guys from the B&B side came over to get an interest list to go see Bodie, the ghost town north of Mono Lake. I said I was in. We took off west on 120

    towards the lake. I hadn’t ridden this road, but was hoping that it was better than the ride on Friday. Too much straight riding didn’t make many people happy.

    120 proved to be a great ride. It was still a little cold, as we climbed to about 8000 feet.


    One of the big changes heading west, was to come across a pine forest. We stopped at the site of a former lumber mill.





    Interesting patterns in the trees



    We came into Bodie from the west (395) side, as the road is mostly paved and the guy I was riding with was on a street bike.













    After wandering around awhile, we backtracked to 395 and headed south to Mono Lake. The fellow I was riding with had never seen Bodie, or Mono Lake.


    Looking SE towards Mono, from the overlook.

    Lunch stop after seeing Bodie




    After lunch in Lee Vining, we backtracked to the Hot Springs. We did another lake stop first.






    Back at camp, we BBQ’d together.



    I got a new roomie in my camping spot. I guess he couldnt sleep the night before. Seems there were two polar bears, chomping on a dead seal in the tent next to his :lol3. He

    did think the guy died 16 times during the night. Almost performed a tracheotomy on him.

    Sunday, pack up time.


    Bring enough stuff?



    I learned my efficient packing skills during our trip to Alaska in 2009

    We headed up into the hills again, but turned left towards Crowley Lake. This eventually takes you out to the 395 again, but north of Bishop.



    The view right before getting back on the highway.



    In Bishop, breakfast at Jack’s. The highlight of any good bike trip is finding the right breakfast spots.


    So, you can indulge in this:


    :tb Bacon!! Those pieces were so big, I had to share em.

    Trick next was to stay awake long enough to slab it back home.


    But, I made it.




    Went with the SoCal BMW club to Benton Hot Springs for a weekend of camping. Benton is located about 30 minutes north of Bishop, CA. You reach it from Los Angeles area by taking the 14 thru Palmdale, to the 395 (near Ridgecrest). Lots of good places to see in the Owens Valley, but the road can get boring for those who like the twistys.

    [URL=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpwK1GeMw7s”]Owens Valley – YouTube[/URL]

    Saw this guy along the 14


    Canada plates

    After a lot of boring freeway, we get to Red Rocks, just north of Jawbone


    Fuel stop at Pearsonville:


    Some of the bikes along the way.

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