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    Today I got a phone call from a friend regarding the RA. He said to me – did I tell you about my problems at the RA rally? He didn’t know that I knew Gordan Boltz. I thought – okay what’s up. He proceeded to tell me the following. He and a friend showed up at the RA rally in Canaan Valley on Monday, several days before the rally. When they went to the resort, nobody knew what was going on. They gave the wrong location for camping and said the cost would be $24 per night to camp. The main office knew that Gordan Boltz was in charge of the rally and sent them off to see Gordan.

    Gordan immediately stopped what he was doing, took them to the lodge and helped them to secure accommodations at a discount. He also told them if they had any problems at all, go to his cabin and they could shower there if needed and to talk to him about whatever problems they incurred. 😀

    They were totally impressed. Gordan, thank you for being who you are. You and Bert did a fantastic job with the rally this year and we’re happy to be a part of the RA.

    Tina and Mark Doggett


    I would also like to express thanks to Gordan, as it was his wife who retrieved me from the hospital with their truck, along with another driver. I hope I at least offered to pay for gas, things are a little fuzzy around that time.


    Thanks for a great Rally Gordon & Bert! Glad I managed to miss Bambi…..

    Roy Jackson

    [QUOTE=kewlmoose »]Thanks for a great Rally Gordon & Bert! Glad I managed to miss Bambi…..[/QUOTE]

    [SIZE=”5″]+1 Great job, and I only had 7 Bambi’s cross is front of me. 🙂 [/SIZE]

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