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    I have a Bushnell Onix 400 that I purchased on Woot for $100.00. I will sell it for $75.00 shipped.

    From the Bushnell Website;

    [I]This Bushnell ONIX 400 GPS also has an integrated XM receiver, and sports a 3.5-inch full color LCD display that offers a 320 x 200 pixel resolution. It is also waterproof to IPX7 standards.

    It is WAAS enabled and comes with built-in base maps of North America. Other features include a battery life of up to 30 hours, SafeTrack battery conservation mode and a digital compass[/I]


    I have a (now) old 2730 Street Pilot on “Inga” It is mounted on a locked Touratech mount; has been in HEAVY rain many times……nary a problem with nav or XM tunes:D


    A single bike and so much gaze-ts. while riding these gaze-ts provide better control.

    Jim Dandy

    OK, here’s my two cents worth. I’ve been using an XM Roady for many years and have it mounted on a RAM on the handlebar. Back when cycle gadgets was still in business, I bought a waterproof cover with a clear plastic front window and bungy tightener on the back and I’ve been through torrential rainstorms and never had a problem. Period. Stand alone XM is the only way to go as it is totally portable. I’ve used it in all my cages and all my motorcycles. Anyone who’s used XM simply can’t live without it, especially on a bike. I’m a PBS junkie and can listen to the same discussion wherever I’m at.


    Have you considered a GPS with XM capabilities? The Garmin units are pretty weather resistant.


    Hi, MM!

    Yeah, I’m considering the zumo or, more likely, the 478. But I’m not exactly thrilled with the limitations either one presents; I want the best of both worlds.

    I guess I was hoping to find an interim solution to “tide me over” until I decide to cough up the $$$ for a newer gps.



    XM Satellite radio entertainment including XM sports…. with Safe-track battery conservation mode.


    Not technically, but as far as the bank balance goes yes Water powered cars save gas week in, week out with metronomic regularity. Be serious..


    Hello, I’m not really sure there is a water resistant XM receiver. My XM receiver is the Helix model. It’s transportable and used on my bicycle, motorrads, car (I have an external antenna even though I do not need it), and in my home.

    For home, I have the anntenna booster so I can use it on all floors.

    What I did for the motorrads is either carry it in my pocket or put it in my tank bag’s clear map pocket when the weather is bad. If it is raining, I put the plastic tank bag covers over whichever motorrad I am on.

    I did purchase a marine anntennae that I was going to mount on one of the bikes but I don’t really need it.

    In short, I highly recommend the Helix version that is transportable. You can use it anywhere.

    Hope this helps!


    Randy Kasal


    I use the Garmin GPSMap 478 with the GXM-30 antenna on nearly all of my bikes. I set it up with a Ram ball mount and have prewired each bike with a stereo plug for audio and a power plug. Garmin states their stuff will last under I think three feet of water for some period of time. By then the engine will be full of water.

    I have the NexRad weather radar service enabled (only available on marine units which both the 378 & 478 are and that leaves the Zumo 550 out of that access) and that has kept me out of hail several times in Colorado and Wyoming. I have been throughly soaked in thunder storms and the unit never complained.



    I too could not find water proof XM, so I used the cheep XM reciever they sent me for free for not canceling XM when I traded my last car. It turns out you can buy it for $29 and it works fine. It has one big knob (not a bunch of tiny buttons) that you can work with gloves on too. I bought a motorcycle antenna which I mounted on my hand guard and just placed the cheapie XM on top of my tank bag. In mist and light rain I leave it there. In heavy rain I put it in the tank bag. 11k miles this year so far so good. If it dies I just get another.

    ps I came to the same conclusion with GPS. I got a Garmin 1490 with large 5 inch touch screen which work well( well ok) with gloves on a RAM mount. It stays dry behind my Aeroflow in mist and light rain. When in rains hard I unplug it and put it in the tank bag.
    Factory recondition unit $200. If it dies I’ll get another.


    Water proof reciever, I haven’t heard that man. I don’t think this type of technology developed.


    I haven’t heard about this type receiver before so tell me how can using it be beneficial?


    [QUOTE=ReinaleaMerrill »]Not technically, but as far as the bank balance goes yes Water powered cars save gas week in, week out with metronomic regularity. Be serious..[/QUOTE]

    Water powered cars? How about water powered bikes:



    I’m debating different options for XM radio, one of which is keeping my current gps set-up and adding an XM reveiver. I’ve only done a cursory search, but there don’t appear to be any water-resistant or waterproof receiver units. Is that true? I know some folks have theirs inside their tank bag, cover it with a ziploc, or mount it inside a small Pelican case; I’m looking for more alternatives.



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