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    Here, from Bob Wood, are the settings to plug in to use the Free FTP program that’s available for download on the Region Rep web page (To establish or update your Region’s own web page which is also there – some active, some not yet):

    FTP Host: [url]http://bmwra.org[/url]

    Host type: UNIX or auto

    Login: raYourState (case sensitive – capitalize first letter, if two words capitalize first letter of both and don’t put space between. The beginning “ra” is not capitalized.)

    Password: yourstate (all lower case; don’t capitalize)

    Port: use the default (21)

    Remote site folder: /

    Access: default

    Protocol: FTP

    Proxy Server: none

    These are “what to plug in” when you run the program to access your own page to update it. If you have any problem doing so email Bob Wood and send a copy of it to Anton Largiader. One or both will be happy to lead you through it. Or tell me and I’ll forward your inquiry.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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