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    First of all, I’d like to welcome you all to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I just completed the M-26 ride last summer and it’s one of the best on the Peninsula. I’m with the U.P. Cruising website which is dedicated to motorcycling Upper Michigan. If I can be of any help, answer any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. The U.P. Cruising website is at [url]www.upcruising.com[/url].

    Ride Safe,

    Dave Johnson
    U.P. Cruising


    Hi all:

    I’m Bill Fink, a board member of the Keweenaw Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. I’m pleased to welcome all of you to this beautiful corner of the world. My working career was with the National Park Service, where I had the privilege of working and living at parks in Maryland, Arizona, Hawaii, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and finall, Michigan. We came here in 1990 and have fallen in love with the UP in general and the Keweenaw Peninsula in particular.

    One of my “retirement” ventures is photography. I will be taking pics throughout the Rally and posting them on my photo-sharing web site: [url]www.GalleryOnDaLine.com[/url]. You’ll be able to view them for free and purchase downloads and prints directly through the site. I also plan to set up an area to take more formal “bike portraits” of you and your rides.

    I’ll be coordinating the local information table in the Gates Tennis Center. Bob and Debbi are really getting everything into shape, so rely on them for all the important details. I’ll check the forum every few days and do my best to respond to questions or comments.

    We’ve alerted our members that you folks are coming. Our plan is to encourage our members to be as generous in their discounts and specials as possible, relying on your Rally ID bracelet to prove you are a Rally participant. We’ve had a few respond with specific offers; I expect more response over the next several weeks.

    Again, welcome to all!

    Sisu, eh?

    Bill Fink


    Thanks for the invite Bill. The wife and I are looking forward to visiting your area.

    Dave, thanks for the link to your website.



    I thought about buying a travel guide or book regarding Michigan and the U.P. But first, I decided to check the internet (ain’t it great?). I found free maps and travel guides. I promptly ordered them but have not received them yet.



    There are, of course, many interesting web sites regarding travel in the U.P.




    The 2008 RA Home page has a few website links to help your travel plans to and around da UP. Another that helps with the Keweenaw is;


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