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    We do not have a Tire Vendor coming to the Rally. We contacted many, but no luck.

    Evert’s Kawasaki in Hancock (2 miles from rally Site) will assist BMW Riders with Tire changes and will set-up a “Self Service” Oil change station for a $5.00 fee. The rally staff is attempting to locate a tool for balancing the rear BMW wheels that Evert’s can use, however if we cannot locate one, you’ll need to balance them later, if you wish.

    For Tires you need to contact Evert’s before June 13th so they can order your specific tire(s). Lead time is 3 -4 days. Please know your sizes, Brand, and Model of tire before calling. You might want to have a second choice available. You’ll need a Credit Card to order the tires and pay for mounting after you arrive there. Evert’s Toll Free number is 1-800-858-2862. Website is [url]www.evertssales.com[/url].

    Self-service oil changes will be available Thursday, Friday, & Saturday; 1st come- 1st served basis. Bring your own oil filter. We are also going to ask Nick’s BMW to bring some filters and BMW oil to their booth, so they can be purchased at the Rally. You can buy Kawasaki Oil from Evert’s or purchase it at local Auto part stores or Wal-Mart. I will have my “K-bike” and “Hex-head” oil filter wrenches available at Evert’s for your use.

    Rally Chair


    We should have the tool to balance the rear wheels/tires for the “airheads” and K-bikes. The tool may also work on other rims. We will let Evert’s use the tools for the weekend.

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