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    75 miles north of the rally site, in Spooner, WI, is the only U.S. canoe heritage museum. Definitely worth a visit!


    The Exhibit Hall features displays comprised of historic canoes and canoe related ephemera. This eclectic assemblage of boats is exciting in its diversity, and includes significant craft from the golden age of North American canoeing as well as work by important contemporary builders. The building traditions of the eastern seaboard, the mid-west, and Canada are all represented, providing the museum visitor a fascinating opportunity to experience the evolution of canoe design and manufacture in proper historical context.


    Wow! This was in today’s Milwaukee Journal.
    Stealth and style: Canoe museum reopens


    The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel story about the museum was great. Spooner is not exactly in a densely settled area, so every bit helps. It is really a wonderful museum built and run by volunteers with some participation by the City of Spooner government. Yet it has examples of some of the most significant historic American and Canadian canoes [i](see a Rushton below)[/i]. Canoes are the only prehistoric “vehicles” still used by modern humans in North America.

    For more information about canoe heritage check out the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association:



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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