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    been an ra member going on 15 years, and shame on me, my first ra rally:dunno my bad this was outstanding in every respect, great ride both ways, biltmore is un-bloody believable, and met some really cool folks:thumb i’m hooked :lol next year again for sure!


    I’m glad you enjoyed your first RAlly experience. Thanks for coming. We’ll look for you next year.


    Roy Jackson

    [SIZE=16]We had a blast, the area roads are fantastic. Three knights of great music and friends. No rain, and I heard no complaint of showers or lack of port-a-johns. Great job RA staff and the Asheville local club. My only regret is that this was the first time I did not volunteer for anything. Next year.:thumb[/SIZE]


    Diann and I enjoyed our return to Biltmore rally, great area, great location.

    We managed to volunteer at the Black Eagle shop for a couple of hours on aturday, that was fun also…………Rod.

    Robert Johnson

    :thumbThanks to Debbie and all the RA folks that worked so hard to pull this off. And a tip of the hat to all the great folks from the Asheville club. What a great crew you guys/gals are. Wish I was a Ashevillien so I could join your great club. Heck, just might do it anyway. Please give me another reason to come to the ” Jewel in the Mountains ” again, soon.:thumb



    Thanks to the organizers and all of the volunteers for a great rally. I had a great time and was glad that I made the trip. The only complaint I heard in the area I was in was noisy neighbors, but I learned a long time ago that ear plugs are a must for rally goers if you want to sleep. Thanks for your efforts, everything was great!


    Thank you Debbi and Mel for all your hard work and the Asheville BMW Riders. Had a great time! Thank you for your support Eurosport. You are the greatest.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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