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    Chuck Luck


    great roads….

    tent area was a dust bowl. i went with my son to the Double Tree and spent $180 per night as sonn as we saw that. never even got off the bike. with ALL of the great areas to place tents they place them on the main road. not where i would camp if it was me.


    You should have tried getting off the bike. The camping area down the road was totally dust-free (you passed it on your way out) and the opposite end of main camping was pretty clear also. Rally central itself was dusty, though.


    [QUOTE=gnavecky »]This was my first RA National Rally. I have been to the last 2 MOA and the last 3 Finger Lakes rallies. Compared to them I rate it a 7 out of 10. Here’s is my “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. Over all I had a great time.

    The Good:
    Location, Location, Location. Western North Carolina as some of the BEST riding on the Right Coast. And being at the Biltmore was GREAT!!:D

    The Bad:
    Main camping and venders were in a DUST bowl. No showers in the quite camping area. The Biltmore Police with there radar. They were bad on Thursday, but seamed to go away Friday and Saturday. The price of food. 😡 And only food from the Biltmore. $6.00 for a hotdog give me a break.

    The Ugly:
    The white showers on Friday where not to bad. But on Saturday they where down right disgusting. Did any body ever clean them!!:eek:[/QUOTE]

    I agree with the good but I think the bad and ugly were a result of circumstances. The Rally was plannaed long in advance and nobody could have predicted the drought conditions and extreme conditions. In normal years, the location would have been a beautiful green and much cooler. I think the Biltmore police were like Barney Fife “nip it in the bud” until they realized that BMW riders aren’t what they consider “normal” riders. I think the food being supplied only by the Biltmore was a condition of allowing the Rally to be there. The excessive price of the food was a part of the entrance fee. I think the lack of showers and the lack of cleaning was due to the need for water, sewer and electricity as well as the attendance was far more than anyone could have estimated months in advance.


    Diann and I had a good ride down, spent 1 1/2 days on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and really enjoyed our visit to Biltmore.

    The showers weren’t great, however the cold water does to move people through the showers at a brisk rate. Perhaps since this was a BMW rally it’s in keeping with German efficiency!

    We worked the door prize booth for 3 hours on Friday, met Dave, and had a great time helping out. We always volunteer for something at rallies, it makes the rally more enjoyable, and you get to meet people.

    If you haven’t volunteered before, I suggest that you give it a try at your next rally.

    Regards, Rod.

    Roy Jackson

    There were showers there? Oh well. I have been to around 20 Rallys, RA and MOA and this is by far one of the better rallys that I have been to. I want to thank everone who pitched in for a job well done. I don’t envy the people running next years rally, where ever that is, as this willl be hard to beat and I think you have raised the bar for future RA rallys… B.M.W. Bitch, Moan & whine. My only whine is the number of vendors. I know a lot of them went to Americade instead. I don’t think anyone anticapated the number of riders to the RA rally this year would be that large. If this keeps up it will start to (Heaven forbid) look like a MOA rally. 😮 Just my 2 cents worth

    Roy Jackson

    🙂 Here are a few more photo’s from the rally. We stayed in the quite camping area.

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