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    Hats off to the organizers and the Biltmore Staff for a great rally.
    Well done.


    [QUOTE=dalemyersmacon »]Hats off to the organizers and the Biltmore Staff for a great rally.
    Well done.


    This Rally and the Birmingham Rally are my all time favorites!


    Ditto !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


    Same here! My first rally and I joined the RA.


    [QUOTE=stardw »]Same here! My first rally and I joined the RA.[/QUOTE]
    Cool! I hope you enjoy the mag.

    I went; in fact if you went to the tech session on Friday I was one of the presenters. But that’s jumping the gun. We left Charlottesville on Wednesday about 2:00 PM, Meredith on the /3, I was on the R100GS, and my sister (who has taken the MSF and ridden twice in parking lots) was on my /5. We headed out to the Blue Ridge and the following afternoon we were in Asheville.

    Meredith and I set up camp in the quiet area to the north, while my sis and my dad (who drove down) moteled it. Friday morning was my tech session, At lunch we went out to meet some friends at Lake Lure, then had to be back for a dinner at the Inn. Saturday I can’t remember what we did; wasted a lot of time I guess and then rode in the mountains for a while before coming back for the awards. Sunday AM Meredith left early on the GS to slab home, while my sister and I took two days.

    Overall I think it was good. There was definitely a weakness in the plumbing area; the suppliers really let us down there but in general a decent shower could be had in the green trailers with not much waiting. The white ones near Sherpa Mayberry were simply horrible, no argument there. Another thing brought up was that we needed a place for people to wash hands before dinner. Noted for future reference, I hope.

    Not that many people attended the seminar. It was in the program but otherwise we didn’t promote it much. Free coffee and pastries… Joe Katz and Guenther Wuest (and I) spoke about issues regarding Airheads and Oilheads, for the most part.

    Another thing that happened without much promotion was the vintage display. Really, at a rally like this you have to be part of it and go to different things to see how they are, rather than deciding on all of these things in advance. I wish a few other people had shown up with older bikes.

    The grounds were a bit dusty but that’s preferable to the weather we had at Canaan and Shelbyville! It could have been managed a bit better but for the most part that was the price to be paid for no rain. If we had realized earlier what would happen, I think we could have eliminated nearly all vehicle traffic through rally central (between the bridge and the vendor area), which would have kept the dust down a bit more. Live and learn.

    Overall I think it was great, and it was a real privilege to be able to host a rally there. I am partial to really beautiful surroundings and that was a great place to be. Additionally, the surrounding roads really rock, although I hardly got out to ride. I also never went through the house!

    Dan Wright

    A big thank you to all who arranged and worked to make this rally the great event it was. Here are a few pics.

    Rally grounds from the far end.

    The big house.

    Vintage display.

    Dan Wright

    More vintage.


    Awards Ceremony.


    Hey, I like that last picture. 🙂 Here are a few more:




    Fun with cameras…

    Dan Wright

    [QUOTE=AntonLargiader »]

    Fun with cameras…[/QUOTE]

    Really nice shots Anton! You must have been up early to catch the “golden hour”.


    I heard a lot of complaints about the shower situation, but I had no problems. I showered twice in the white showers by the sherpa area. There was plenty of hot water and no wait either time. The key seemed to be showering at off-peak times.

    The shower area wasn’t as clean as I would have liked, but much of the fault for that lies with our fellow rally goers. Keeping in mind that we were camping in an area not really designed for camping, I thought it was fine. To me, the surroundings were worth the minor deficiencies.

    Some porta johns on the other side of the field would have been nice, but no big deal. I worked registration from 5 to 9 Thursday, and the lack of any toilet facilities in the registration area was annoying. Suffice it to say that the trees in the area were well taken care.

    I had a blast touring the home and the grounds, wading the river, riding great roads in the area, and generally chilling with rally buddies. Love the new Held summer gloves I picked up from one of the vendors. Enjoyed the band on Friday night. Not so crazy about the band Saturday night, but having worked on such things I know that no band will appeal to everyone.


    This was my 1st RA National and had a blast. Thanks to everyone responsible for putting this on.

    My rally recap looks like this:

    8 Days,
    2,400 miles
    9 States
    1 Rally
    1 Biltmore Tour
    2 Motorcycle Museums (Wheels Through Time & Barber Vintage Motorcycle Museum).
    Lots of curvy roads.
    No performance awards!!!!

    Rick G

    Eddie Roberts

    Well, I rode my FJR1300, camped with the BMW’s, and rode the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway, and slept on the Biltmore estate – WHAT A TRIP !!! I met some really nice people along the way and plan on many more BMW rallies!! Thanks to everyone that made this event happen:) .


    Thanks for all who were involved! It was a GREAT rally……..Now where is 08 going to be?????


    I had a great time going to and coming back from the rally. The location was awesome and the Biltmore crew did a fine job of welcoming our group. I do have a SUGGESTION for improvement however. For those of us who do not camp, having no shuttle service from/to the front gate was a pain. Also the fact that the shuttle stopped at 6:30 PM was not very convenient. I know most people camp, so I can understand more bias toward the majority, but a small correction would have made it great for everyone.


    This was my first RA National Rally. I have been to the last 2 MOA and the last 3 Finger Lakes rallies. Compared to them I rate it a 7 out of 10. Here’s is my “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. Over all I had a great time.

    The Good:
    Location, Location, Location. Western North Carolina as some of the BEST riding on the Right Coast. And being at the Biltmore was GREAT!!:D

    The Bad:
    Main camping and venders were in a DUST bowl. No showers in the quite camping area. The Biltmore Police with there radar. They were bad on Thursday, but seamed to go away Friday and Saturday. The price of food. 😡 And only food from the Biltmore. $6.00 for a hotdog give me a break.

    The Ugly:
    The white showers on Friday where not to bad. But on Saturday they where down right disgusting. Did any body ever clean them!!:eek:

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