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    Hey all; I have to second Rob’s sentiments. Although this was only my second RA rally, it was wonderful!! The riding was the best (and most challenging) that I have experianced, the eats were first rate (if a bit pricey) and the camping was well laid out. The shower trailer was a great idea, and the numerous “port-a-potties were well placed and (thank God) cleaned regularly. The orginizers should be proud of the whole thing, and I will be back next year Lord willing. Good job to all involved!! Thanks for everything!! Vaya con Dios, Dutch


    Hey now,

    First a shout out to seminar chair, Bill Shaw.

    Last winter Bill asked me if I would participate in a seminar and I’m so glad I said yes. Thanks for inviting me and I’ll continue to strive to live up to your rather fluffy introduction. 😀

    Next a tip of the keyboard to the security chair(s), the security volunteers, the folks down at registration and everyone else that put in a little effort.

    While I was disappointed at the distance from the campers to the lodge I was very impressed at the regularity of the yellow bus. You can’t control geography but you can make plans and the plans were EXCELLENT!

    To Gordon you were a piece of burnt toast when we spoke Saturday evening. Many of us have been there after putting on an event and I hope a little rest and the knowledge that you put on a world class rally brings a quick recovery. Great, great stuff, thank you very much!

    For the other approximately 1500 folks in the house, thanks for helping create a wonderful atmosphere for this Damn Yankee. I had a ball.


    Rob Nye
    Bristol, RI

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