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    Great rally, lots of fun. I was sorry to see it end, it was all good. I enjoyed the air conditioned bus ride to the air conditioned Mall of America on Friday, Mary Beth did a fantastic job getting the mall trip cordinated, going as far as picking the best day to go (read hottest day).

    Mark and Tina did a great job on EVERYTHING else. Music was great, food was good and always available, seminars interesting, and I supported the vendors best I could. The parade was a blast, what a party. I think Chippewa Falls was a excellent location, how often do you go to a rally next door to a brewery.



    Any list of awards givin out? Youngest? oldest? farthest traveled?



    [QUOTE=Glenfiddich »]I love the RA rallies. It’s like a gathering of family. Sure, some cousins might be a little odd, but they’re family so we embrace them all. To have my dog carded, then allowed into the beer tent with a bracelet attached to his collar, was simply priceless!


    Looks like Barley has another 15 minutes of fame. Go to On the right side they have past news clips. Go to page 10 and see the interview with Barley. Sorry to put Barley through going back in the sidecar but as I expected his interview was much better than mine. Thank you!



    By far the best Rally ever for myself! Stan gave me his winning gift(a sun-visor) and I had Marty detail my bike. Marty, you still missed a spot!:biggrin
    Great roads and great friends, not much more one could want for.
    Thanks to all that put this on. I really appreciate all of your efforts!



    Harlan relaxing after a long day



    I met the BMW MOA Embarresser, he was a hoot! Finding his pants in the middle of the loud camp was a bit, odd.:biggrin

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