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    Any list of awards givin out? Youngest? oldest? farthest traveled?


    [QUOTE=Glenfiddich »]I love the RA rallies. It’s like a gathering of family. Sure, some cousins might be a little odd, but they’re family so we embrace them all. To have my dog carded, then allowed into the beer tent with a bracelet attached to his collar, was simply priceless!


    Looks like Barley has another 15 minutes of fame. Go to On the right side they have past news clips. Go to page 10 and see the interview with Barley. Sorry to put Barley through going back in the sidecar but as I expected his interview was much better than mine. Thank you!


    By far the best Rally ever for myself! Stan gave me his winning gift(a sun-visor) and I had Marty detail my bike. Marty, you still missed a spot!:biggrin
    Great roads and great friends, not much more one could want for.
    Thanks to all that put this on. I really appreciate all of your efforts!


    Harlan relaxing after a long day


    I met the BMW MOA Embarresser, he was a hoot! Finding his pants in the middle of the loud camp was a bit, odd.:biggrin


    Just sent this to the OTL editor but thought I’d include it here as well…

    Please allow me to share some comments regarding the current RA Rally in Chippewa Falls…

    I am a resident of Chippewa Falls and a member of BMW RA. I was so excited when I heard this year’s Rally would be held in my home town! Although the Rally is still going on as this is written, I want to share a few observations and comments about the attendees and the response of our community.

    Many of my friends know I ride a BMW so they would repeatedly ask, “Did you go up to the Fairgrounds for the Rally?” This would invariably be followed by comments like:

    “Those motorcycles are so quiet! (this is, after all, Harley country)

    “They all wear their helmets!”

    From numerous friends who worked concession stands and information booths: “Those are nicest people we have ever served!

    “They don’t speed!”

    A personal observation: I spent time on Friday evening strolling the Fairgrounds, looking at the amazing assortment of bikes, models, camping gear and yes, people. But what really struck me was that not once did I see any litter, any garbage anywhere! To assemble hundreds of people in a rather small area and see such consideration and caring is one of the highest compliments I can pay.

    I know I speak for Chippewa Falls when I say thank you for coming to our small town and personally, how proud I am to say I am one small part of such a wonderful group of enthusiasts.

    Rick Hoyme
    Chippewa Falls, WI

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