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    I’m looking for the optional Sport Tank offered for the slash 2 machines. Anybody know of one for sale? I know they are both rare and expensive. The ones shown in the Dec. Hilton Head Concours article were just perfect for the R69S!


    What is “coach-lined”?


    tool compartment lid, painted black “Schorsch Meier” Fuel tank, primed, “Schorsch Meier” (without accessories) Tool compartment lid, primed, “Schorsch Meier”
    Fuel tank, painted and coach-lined, “Schorsch Meier” (without accessories)
    Rubber ring for tank/engine bracket, thin
    Circlip for locking screw
    Locking screw for tool compartment lid
    Square key for tool compartment lid
    Hinge pin for tool compartment lid, “Schorsch Meier” tank Hinge pin for tool compartment lid, “17 litre tank”
    Knee cushion, right
    Seal for tool compartment lid
    Knee cushion, left
    Knee cushion, “Schorsch Meier”, left
    Knee cushion, “Schorsch Meier”, right
    Tank rack
    Rubber ring, thick, for tank rack, top 


    Rubber ring for tank rack, top?

    What are these? I do not think I have seen a “tank rack” on a /2.

    Neither my Sport nor my spare ‘Schorsch Meier’ tanks have racks, but I think I need them ASAP.wink


    I believe “Coach Lined” is brit speak for “pin striped”.

    I’ve only seen tank racks on Triumphs.  But then there are lots of things I’ve never seen.


    How expensive have they become?


    My relative was also searching for it but still not got it.Did you get it?


    Back when BMW was pushing Mobile Tradition (they changed the name at some time) you could order one new from your friendly dealer. Part number 16 11 1 232 725 Fuel tank painted and coach-lined, “Schorsch Meier” for R 50 to R 69 S says the catalog. Don’t know if they still do that. A google search for that part number says you can get one for only €1,150 from Germany (don’t forget to add shipping). That price seems low. Bench Mark Works has them for $3,250.35 with a note that you’ll need more parts, too.


    The whole shebang cost around $2K, complete.  Had to fiddle with the fit to clear the forks, but it went well after I fiddled with it, careful not to scratch any of the pretty paint near the steering head, and retapped the tool box lid threads so the screw would work.  The knee pads are interesting to install, and I now have wrist arthritis!  Yes, I left them in the sun to make them pliable…  This tank makes the bike look far different and I’m quite pleased with the project.  I saw three for sale at Barber AHRMA swap meet last Oct. and they were all used, dented, faded, missing parts, and were all $2,500.  Then I remembered BMW Classic.  Only took 4 months!  They should have come stock from the factory with this beautiful tank. 

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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