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    It was a great time, as usual. The stages were a pretty tough challenge (slog) for me and I was a lot slower than I’d liked, but I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to see what I could make of it. I’m happy to say the PD did not fail, and we made it to the end.

    It was a one day event with 7 Stages, the longest of which was 14 miles of closed roads. Usually sand, they were, after three weeks of rain, quite a mess. Seems there is a lot of clay mixed in with the sand so not only does it not drain well (for sand) it also becomes greasemud when wet.






    Thanks especially to the course workers and everybody who makes it possible for us to race:










    Most of the boys from Canada seem to be on KTM’s. Maybe the orange color keeps them warm in the winter or something



    Bill Conger, the winner by 8 seconds after 70 miles, on his Aprilia5.5:


    Dont know if I mentioned, but Jonah Street, recently home from a 7th place finish in the Dakar rally was there. 2nd place by 8 seconds to Jonah Street after Bill πŸ˜€



    Here are all of my friend Andrew’s pics: he’s bike# 109


    and here are the final results


    and here are a couple gratuitous shots of me: πŸ˜€





    Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, the last stage was run in dark:



    1:30 and 3:10 are particularly cool if i do say so myself. πŸ˜€


    It should be Rallye with an E,meaning a race, to distinguish it from the rally with no e which is your basic camp out with motorcycles. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway- Here’s a link:


    Cliff notes are : this February 6th in Cheraw, South Carolina. If you’re not familiar, think WRC Stage rally format with bikes. If you’re not familiar with that, think timed racing on closed public roads!

    I’ve raced in this event since it began in 2007. I missed one year due to a self inflicted mishap- Remind to me tell you that some other time.

    First of all check out the entry list so far.


    Its a really great chance to give a bike a workout, especially in the soft sand of South Carolina. Where else can you race an HP2 and an Airhead GS against SE’s and 690’s? ANY street legal dual sport type bike can enter. Hey! what do you have in your garage? :ear

    I’ll try and post up some pics in a bit.

    Oh- also- Here’s a link for you, too.


    The reason I bring it up, is, its not only easy (relatively) to enter and race, its even Easier to volunteer to be a marshall. They are constantly looking for good help, even if you’ve never done it before. And honestly, we couldn’t race at all i it weren’t for the volunteers who man the timing controls and communications. Volunteering is a great way to get as close to the action as possible, and get swag (t-shirt) and get invited to the awards ceremony and dinner at the end.

    Here’s MAX BMW’s video’s:


    ANd another:



    Raleigh, North Carolina
    January 26, 2010


    Jonah Street just finished seventh at the Dakar rally in South America, and was the top competitor from the USA. After months of training, preparation, and two weeks of grueling racing in the Dakar, this hero deserves a break. But less than a week after making it back home to the US, he’s already planning for his next rally. Street is headed South again, only this time he won’t need a passport or a translator, he’s racing in the United States. The Sandblast Rally on February 6 in South Carolina, is his next stop.

    Sandblast Rally runs in a similar format to the Dakar. Racing stages are separated by liaison sections. The main differences for Street are going to be the length and the navigation. Sandblast is only one day long, running from morning to night. The format of the rally is the same as a WRC rally event, so the stages are completely closed and there are no navigation choices to make during the racing sections. Relative to the Dakar, the Sandblast Rally is much more of a sprint, with the competitors covering 130 miles.

    “Our other racers are very excited.” say Anders Green of NASA Rally Sport. “Like millions of other race fans, they have been watching Jonah on Versus for the last three weeks. Getting to race him, in the sandy conditions we have, is like escaping to Dakar just for a day. Other Dakar competitors have said that our stages remind them of the old Dakar Day 1 stages in Portugal, so I have no doubt that Jonah will jump right in move out to the front.”

    Sandblast Rally is one of only a handful of rallies in the US that take part in NASA Rally Sport’s program called RallyMoto(TM), which allows motorcycles to compete on the same racing stages as traditional rally cars. This program started in 2007 and has exploded in popularity. For the last two years, Sandblast Rally has had the biggest entry fields of any rally in America.

    Street’s machine, given his long relationship with the manufacturer, is no surprise: KTM. The 950 Super Enduro is built and ready for the trip to Cheraw, SC next week. The Dakar had a recent class rule lowering the allowed engine displacement, but large engines are still allowed with NASA Rally Sport. Some riders will be on BMW HP2 bikes with 1200cc engines. “A key difference,” notes Green “is that since the format of our rally is so compact, we can have medical staff only a few miles away. Safety is still our primary concern for all racers.”

    For Dakar fans that want to follow Street as he races next weekend, they can sign up for text message updates and get scores on SandblastRally.com For those folks lucky enough to live in the Southeast, they have a chance to meet this Dakar hero and watch him race in South Carolina. A testing session on the Friday before the race is open for viewing. Friday evening all competitors will have their race vehicles on display in Chesterfield, SC. The ceremonial start is Saturday morning in downtown Cheraw, SC. More spectating information is available on SandblastRally.com.


    > ——Original Message——
    > From: Andrew
    > To: Adam
    > To: Jason
    > To: Steve
    > Subject: Are we ready?
    > Sent: Feb 3, 2010 9:36 AM
    > The Dunkin’ Donuts here in town opens at 04:30. I’m going to be in the car park at that time tomorrow. I might make Adam’s by 7:00 if traffic is good. Leave his place by 7:30. Waypoint J at 09:30. If you need a little more time, Jason and Steve, we’ll be there. No worries. I’d rather wait than rush. 12 hours later we’ll be in Cheraw.
    > Who’s in?

    On Feb 3, 2010, at 9:48 AM, Jason wrote:

    > Ok! Just talked to steve and he is finding alternate transpo so I am now free to meet you guys At the earlier time slot. Still thinking 10 ish and no later than 1030 departure from rest stop just past exit 5 on I 84.
    > Sure hope I got the bike all together. Hate hate hate dnf’s!
    > Getting excited. This will be fun!

    > Jason

    From: Andrew
    Sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2010 9:54 AM
    To: Jason
    Cc: Adam
    Subject: Re: Are we ready?

    And then there were 3. Like last year. :~)

    Cool. 10:00 at the rest stop. We can get a couple of hours driving done
    before we stop for lunch and fuel.

    Was that a Hardee’s we had lunch at on the way home last year? Pretty good

    I have to throw my clothes in a bag. The riding gear is packed. The bike
    will go in the truck tonight.

    I’m taking along a battery tender and a 100′ extension cord. I don’t want a
    weak battery in that cold weather. I keep the batteries charged all the
    time here at home.


    —–Original Message—–
    From: Jason Adams
    Sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2010 10:40 AM
    To: Andrew
    Cc: Adam
    Subject: RE: Are we ready?

    As usual I cant decide what to wear. Need to bring the rain shell,
    regardless. When I put pressure suit under the Rallye suit I can barely fit
    the LEatt. πŸ™ Need to throw the bike on the trailer, too, and an while the
    tender is an imperative with me, anyway, the extention cord is a great idea.

    Make sure we’ve got all the paperwork and extra tools and spare parts that
    might break. I’ve got Toooo many. Fuses, meter, tape, wrenches, drivers,
    lamps, plug wires, clutch cable, zip ties…first aid kit.. plus the water
    and signs. Tape for the rollchart holder. Energy bars. Toilet paper. Tube
    repair and tire inflation.

    Other than this, I am all set :lol


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