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    First, don’t laugh. I am asking this question because while I believe that MC rallying should be a tent experience, I want to bring my wife along to Biltmore and her idea of camping is taking a short nap on the patio lounge. The concept of spending three nights in a field is completely lost on her. I would, however, like for her to experience at least one rally so she get’s why I ride thousands of miles to sleep on the ground and hang with y’all. The Biltmore Rally is the one for her assuming that she can sleep in a fully enclosed steel box…

    So, what’s the story on RV’s at the Biltmore site?

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    I e-mailed them and they told me that they are going to have dry camping for RVs. They said they were also going to try to have a separate area with concrete pads and electric. I have not heard anything more. The registration form has a box for dry Rv camping at the Biltmore Estates. I also understand there are some full hookup campgrounds that are not really that far away.

    I have a 25′ travel trailer that I have used for a couple of RA rallies. We dry camped at Skip Barber’s race facility in Birmingham and it worked out well. I had full hookups at the Shelbyville Rally. With the temperature at the Biltmore in early June, I think dry camping will be fine if you have a good battery. With a full tank of water and a charged battery, three days in the summer works well if you are careful.

    I just roll my old airhead into the bed of my F-150, hook up the trailer and let my buddies follow me on their bikes.


    If there is no RV space at Biltmore there is the Asheville East KOA in Swannanoa (about 12 miles from Biltmore) is a nice place that we have stayed in several times.



    There will be limited RV camping available, but it WILL be “dry camping”, no water, sewer, or electricity. There are other “full hookups” areas available in the area, but not on the grounds.



    [QUOTE=Friedle »]There will be limited RV camping available, but it WILL be “dry camping”, no … electricity.


    Due to my wifes’s severe allergies and asthma she must use a nebulizer daily and have a “clean” environment to sleep in using a Hepa filter air purifier at night to prevent infection. I have read everything I can find on the rally web sites and have looked at the registration form. How do I assure us of having an RV site and having electricity available for her medical needs? One hundred and twenty-two dollars is a lot to lose if I show up and don’t have the facilities necesary, not to mention having to make alternative plans on the spot. Also, what is the additional charge for the RV sites, I assume they cost extra?



    The closest campground to Biltmore is Bear Creek which is next to I-40 at exit 47 which is also the Farmers Market exit. The campground is on the opposite side of I-40 from the Farmers Market. Due to the closness to Biltmore the rates are high, I believe 40.00 per night, but it is a very nice campground. They also tend to fill up early in the summer, so don’t wait too long to reserve.


    I pre-registered to attend the rally and camping on the grounds with my camper. The pre-registration said I would get a detailed confirmation e-mail but the confirmation only said the following:

    BMW RA Pre-Rally Registration – Order Confirmation
    New Order: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at 07:34:43


    Quantity: 1
    Product: Adult Pre-Rally Registration
    RA at the Biltmore Estate 2007 | $61.00 (each)

    CUSTID: KOsborne37816
    INVOICE: 1022

    SUBTOTAL: $61.00
    TOTAL: $61.00

    There is no confirmation of anything other than I have paid. The e-mail contact I used early no longer works. I can find no way to contact anyone and I worry I may get there and have nowhere to put my camper. Any ideas?


    Send an e-mail to the rally chairperson, Debbie Harbour at [email][/email]
    and tell her your special needs.

    She can give you the official info on trailer hookups. I know that there are electrical panels at the end of several rows of camping spaces, but there cannot be hookups for ALL RV campers.


    Hey everybody, I have a few questions that I could use some help with. My wife and I would like to attend the rally, but need to know if there is still space left for a larger 5th wheel trailer? Unfortunately my work dictates that I take “half the dmn office” with me for extended weekends. Does anyone have an idea of where the larger RV parking area is located? The only parking lots on the estate that I know of are MILES from the river and are used for tourist parking. I have tried to send several E-mails to adresses listed on this site but there seems to be a communication meltdown of sorts. Thanks a lot.


    There is LOTS of area for RV camping at the RA rally site. There are raised rows with gravel under the grass with parking between the rows, along the river. There are electrical boxes at one end of each row. There will be no problem with DRY hookups and SOME of the campers will have limited access to power.

    Biltmmore stages horse events [I can’t spell esquesrtian:o ] in this area and it is setup for camping and horse trailers.

    The Vendor area and tent camping will be just the other side of a small creek, and will also have limited electrical hookups.

    There will be large and QUIET generators for the vendor and food area.

    There will be ice available for purchase at the food vendor.

    There will be beer [of course] at the beer tent AND soft drinks, bottled water and wine.

    There will be several LARGE tents for the vendors, food service, and a hugh tent for the beer garden and intertainment area with tables and chairs to just sit back and relax.

    Oh yea, and if you need it there will be showers with dressing areas and restrooms with sinks on trailers. Nice and clean, as well as port a johns through out the grounds.

    You guys don’t think that an organization as up scale as Biltmore is going to do anything half way, do you.:cool:


    Thanks Bert! I was about to lose hope. I appreciate the info, it all sounds great. I owe you a beer or two.


    [QUOTE=Skidmark »]Thanks Bert! I was about to lose hope. I appreciate the info, it all sounds great. I owe you a beer or two.[/QUOTE]

    Great, I’ll be in the beer tent at 7:00 friday night with an “I-BMW’ tee shirt on. I will be with the internet K1200rs/gt/s/r group.;) 😀

    By the way you didn’t enter your name or city in your forum info. Where will you be coming from??


    [QUOTE=bertbrumfield »]Great, I’ll be in the beer tent at 7:00 friday night with an “I-BMW’ tee shirt on. I will be with the internet K1200rs/gt/s/r group.;) 😀

    By the way you didn’t enter your name or city in your forum info. Where will you be coming from??[/QUOTE]

    I’m new to the concept of forums so my posts might be a little akward for awhile. My name is Jeff Hustead and I will be coming from Charleston SC. I”ll probably be wearing my favorite Monty Python shirt (I am not dead yet)
    In the meantime I will attempt to update my forum info. Thanks again


    Thanks for the update. I’m looking forward to the rally.


    I don’t intend this to be a commercial plug but I may have a solution for those couples who can’t agree on outdoors or indoors.
    We just opened an RV park with log cabins including full kitchen full bath and soft beds. For those husbands who prefer the grass sheets you may camp, pitch a tent or just snore just outside of the cabin. Just far enough to be the tough outdoorsy type yet close enough for breakfast. Normally we wouldn’t allow that but RA, MOA or US Desmo members are allowed plenty of exceptions. Check it out…or call me personally, number is on the site. Only 2cabins available.



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