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    I too am an AMA member and have been for years. I use their ‘moto tow’ which comes with yearly membership. I have never had to use it for my motorcycle but have on the cars on several occasions over the years. It has always been a great service and as a bonus to a motorcycle rights organization it’s well with the money.

    Eric Erf

    Hi, I’m a new rider looking to take tours with gradually increased distance as I progress. I’d like some feedback on which road assistance plans members find beneficial. I’m aware I should look for a plan that covers longer mileage tows, given the distance between BMW dealers. Thanks for any guidance. Eric


    Roadside Assistance is a form of insurance.  How good or bad it is often depends upon where you break down.  I’ve read both “it saved my butt” and “it was the worst thing ever” from people who have used it.   Didn’t seem to make any difference as to the providing organization.   The best stories have a flat bed show up in minutes and get you to dealer with no additional expenses.  The worst complaints are waiting hours for the wrong type of tow truck to show up or getting a “we don’t have any vehicles in your area” response when you finally get in touch with the call center.

    I don’t use it.  Should I break down in a way that requires a tow I’ll have to pay out of pocket.  That hasn’t happened to me to date.  It did happen to my brother.  If you break down in a well populated area a U-Haul and some tie downs are often cheaper than a tow.   Don’t offer the information that you are going to haul a bike.  Some U-Haul places don’t care, others may not rent you a vehicle.


    Because I’m a life member of the AMA, I have their tow package.  One of the things to consider is how far the tow package will take you.  The AMA’s plan is 50 miles, I believe.  That’s not enough in many places, but it’s better than a lot of the other plans.

    I had the opportunity to try it out last year, when I had a flat on my ’81 R65 about 20 miles from home.  I was on a busy highway but there were no services nearby.  Unfortunately, nobody was home to come get me.  I do have a tool kit and a tire patch kit, but I would rather try just about anything than fixing a tube on the side of the road.  The other choice I could have tried was the MOA’s Anonymous Book. 

    Anyway, I called up the AMA.  I was quickly talking with a rep, who took my number so she could call me back and not use up my phone battery.  It did take a little while for her to locate a tow for me, maybe about 20 minutes.  But then, the “tow truck” showed up in another 20 minutes.  It was a local independent bike mechanic who had an interesting bike towing unit in the bed of his pickup!  I got a ride home, pleasant bike chat and it didn’t cost me anything.


    You didn’t say what you were riding but a new BMW comes with 3 years of Roadside Assistance and Towing. Also I’d give another vote to AMA and their free towing plan. ( as long as you auto renew or sign up for 3 yrs). Additionally I’ve got some through my Foremost Moto Insurance. Take a look at your policy, you may already have some coverage.

    Mike White

    You don’t have to be a life member of the AMA to get the road side assistance which includes towing. And it’s not just for the motorcycle rider. It’s for all members of the household.


    Mike White

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