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    I *may* have the opportunity for a day or three of riding in Baden-Württemberg this June. One idea is to rent a BMW 650 in Karlsruhe from:
    and spend some time in the Black Forest.
    However, they do not rent helmets, and have indicated that a European spec helmet is advised. Is my Virgina license valid in Germany? What about insurance?

    Any knowledge, comments, or references?



    Have done a lot of riding in Europe. International Driver’s License might help, but if the dealer will rent the bike without it I wouldn’t spend the money. I’ve never been asked for it..only passport and insurance papers. The rental agency should provide the insurance.

    You don’t need a Euro=spec helmet! Bring your own and riding gear.

    You might also check rentals with Stefan Knopf


    Bob Alexander


    On the continent, I found that I needed an International Drivers License. They can be obtained for about $20 to $30 at any AAA (American Automobile Association) office and are good for one year. You can have them put the start date of the license to the date before your arrival in Europe or where ever. A passport sized photo is placed into the booklet. Look carefully to ensure they check the motorcycle endorsement area and put the AAA stamp on it along with the car area.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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