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    I was able to ride a couple of days in the first part of January and I was able to ride my oilhead yesterday and plan on riding my airhead today. It’s unusual to be able to ride here in the mountains this time of year.

    My only problem with riding in the winter in the mountains is the gravel at intersections where gravel gathers that has been used on the roads when they were slick. You fellows in the eastern part of the state are really lucky with your warmer weather and lack of slick roads. The weather at my daughter’s house in Norfolk the other day was 72 and it was 36 at my house.



    Lately, when the weather’s been nice we’re just as likely to go out on the bicycles! But I did have a stunning afternoon ride about two weeks ago with a friend. About 100 miles in all, maybe. Perfect day, never needed electrics.

    Mostly I’m trying to finish all of the mechanical projects so I can really ride the bikes when the weather gets better for good.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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