Ride in Europe 2015 Selling my R1200RT (2009) in Heildelberg this summer after touring.

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    I toured Europe last year on a rented R1150R, the tour was great, the bike, well, not so great as it was naked..35 days on tour by myself and later for 10 days with Adriatic Motor Tour. Did all of Europe including Bosnia, Greece, Romania, Turkey Jawdropping! just awesome, stayed in Gasthaus’s and small hotels. Every thing was reasonable stayed middle class.

    I need to do this again, so I wish to ship the RT to Heidelberg with Stefan Knopf in March from Orlando, Ride it in June, sell it in July to next American. Or keep it in Storage in Heidelberg until someone wants it. Bike has 65LK on it, good tires, low dual seat.
    Will also consider touring with another person on their bike, man or woman. I sepaeak German enough to get around all of Europe
    if any one interested…I will sell it for standard 2009 RT price plus 1/2 the cost of shipping (about $750.00). I also have a 2013 R1200RT and do not need them both. Main reason for selling the RT.  Stefan say he can sell it (see http://www.knopftours.com) but I rather do it in advance so some one can plan.
    Last year it cost me 1000.00 USD to fly roundtrip to Frankfort from New York, get picked up and delived to Heidelburg and motorcycle waiting and ready.

    Stefan Handles all the insurance and paperwork once you get there. You can keep it there for $30.00 per month at Stefan’s mororcycle hotel, repair shop and storage. If you always wanted to go to Europe on tour, you may want to come with me on a rental from Stefan. Man or Woman welcome, tons of fun and a unique opportunity. If you want to talk about this, call me at 570 815 6294


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