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    In the interest of all the reps I am posting a question I received from our Southern California rep, Mac MacFarlane. Mac asks:

    Hi Bob, can you send me the password for the RR page. Thanks, mac macfarlane

    Normally there would be another thread with my answer, but here is what I replied:

    I am assuming you want to access the RR Resource page. To do so begin on the Regions Program (public) page, click on the link at the bottom right that says “Region Reps Only!”. The log in pop-up will then appear. Type in the following temporary credentials to log onto the secured page.

    User Name: RegionRep (both capitol “R”, no spaces)
    Password: 2005info (all lower case, no spaces)

    This will get you onto the RR Resource page for now. You will be assigned a permanent user name and password only if you want your RA E-mail account to be a POP3 account instead of a forwarding account, or if you are ready to FTP to your region’s web page, credentials will be needed for that as well.

    This temporary user name and password will be changed in a few months so having your own credentials is wise. Hope this helped.


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