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    One of my off road rides, overlooking the Eau Claire River.

    Roy Jackson

    Thanks I’ll copy and paste this for our club newsletter.


    “RawHyde, BMW’s authorized Adventure Camp and Offroad Academy, is headed for the BMWRA Rally in Wisconsin this July. Reason? They’re going to offer their multi-day instruction program at the rally! This is an unprecedented opportunity to learn the simple (as reliably taught by RawHyde’s resident experts) rules of mastering the non-paved GS world out there. Different surface; different rules. This school will change your life as a rider. Sign up now. Read the informative article in OTL’s December issue for an abundance of photos and facts! Jim Hyde is not only willing to come to our Rally, he’s offered the RA $100 off their regular price! That’s $1,195 tuition for the greatest off road course on terra. Learn what your own GS can and will do off road. Become a fearless, gnarly adventurer! Just like all Hyde’s happy graduates. You will not be sorry you did. Expand your world toward the exact target BMW set when they created the GS! Space is limited, so sign up now at [url]http://www.rawhyde-offroad.com/[/url] and be sure to ask for the BMW RA Rally Discount! All makes are welcome.”


    The dates for this experience of a lifetime are July 1st and July 2nd, 2011.


    We’re going to start a link on the rally site with easy instructions for RawHyde and the Arc classes. Trying to keep it simple. Take a look when it’s up and runing. You should be happy with it.
    Think about these classes. What an opportunity. Just Think – RawHyde has never been in the midwest. Should be very interesting.!!!!! And with $1oo discount.


    Talked to Charlie, our GS chair. He’s doing RawHyde training in CA now. RawHyde has 5 spots filled for the RA rally in Chippewa Falls. This means 10 spots are left.


    Hi Again

    The rally organizers have been talking with Jim Hde at RawHyde Adventues about conducting their “Intro to Adventure” class in Chippewa Falls during or just prior to the International Rally. In order to hold a class Jim would need a paid commitment of at least 15 students. The cost is their standard $1295 which is based on you riding your own bike. They wouldn’t have an option of renting bikes. Here is the RawHyde website for further information; [url]http://www.rawhyde-offroad.com/intro-to-adv.html[/url]

    Our editor attended a Rawhyde class and has a great article in the December OTL.

    When they do their remote training they start with one day of “drills” at a specified location. A second day of riding on a trail with some challenges… we stop at each challenge and discuss it… and then move the riders through.

    So before we go further we setting up the logistics in the area and obtain loaner bikes for the RawHyde Instructors, we need to find out if there are enough riders interested in the course that can commit.

    So please let us know ASAP if you would like to attend the course closer to home. We need the commitment before moving on. If you’d like to get signed up, please e-mail our GS Coordinator Charlie at [email]gearmaker1@new.rr.com[/email] and also copy Jim at Rawhyde [email]jim@rawhyde-offroad.com[/email]

    We will need to make a decision on this in early April.

    Bob Alexander

    PS- In looking at the website 3 of their classes are already full for the year.


    Here’s what Charlie had to say about the RawHyde program. Openings are still available.

    “The RawHyde training program was fantastic! If anyone has at moderate beginner motorcycle skills, and has a desire to ride big bikes off road in sand, gravel, dirt, up and down rock covered hills, RawHyde can take you from novice to comfortable in dirt. Words fail to explain how great a program Jim Hyde puts on. I was truly afraid before every phase of our training, certain I could never accomplish what being presented. With help and examples by our instructors, I not only caught on to the skill being taught, but soon grasped how everything new was based on a previous lesson. By the end of the first two days we had all the basic skills necessary to take on the open desert. Day three and four gave us entry level off road riding, we rode in places that three days before would have had us falling at every turn, in sand and rocks. I began to realize I wasn’t going to die, or hurt myself. The rest of the week was spent sharpening our off road skills, climbing steep rocky roads (goat paths), loose shale, deep ruts, deep sand, off camber tracks, riding along trails with drop offs. Sleeping out in the desert under the stars, visiting old mines, Striped Butte, Mengel Pass, Charlie Manson’s cabin, abandoned warm springs resort. Our last off road adventure was riding at speed in deep sand over low hills (whoops), not worrying about catching air or how or what you were going to land in or on, we had the confidence that our BMW 1200’s would stay running straight, straight for the next hill to jump over. Then it was over. We all acknowledged, this was a trip of a lifetime. I wish I could haul all my friends out in the desert for the CV Ride. Maybe it was special to us, because of all the hard work we put into the training. A special thanks to Jim Hyde and all of his staff.”

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