Rally Weather- Looks Good!

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    Clean and Wax those Beemers! Time to head north!
    Just did a dump of the forecast (which we can’t always trust), but so far the news looks good! Dry and great riding and sleeping temps. You can keep your riding gear on! Maybe a little cool for a dip in Lake Superior.

    Having spent many years in the UP these temps are great, because Houghton is right next to the big cold lake. Inland temps in “da UP” will be much higher. The same time period at Bruce Crossing..the highs are mid-70s.

    Rally Chair

    10-Day Events Forecast for
    Houghton, MI (49931)

    Tue, Jun 17- Partly Cloudy- Hi 62° Lo 48° Precep- 20%

    Wed, Jun 18- Sunny- Hi 65° Lo 51° Precep- 20%

    Thu, Jun 19 -Mostly Sunny- Hi 64° Lo 52° Precep- 10%

    Fri, Jun 20- Partly Cloudy- Hi 66° Lo 53° Precep- 20%

    Sat, Jun 21- AM Clouds / PM Sun – Hi 65° Lo 51° Precep- 10%

    Last Updated Jun 12, 9:15 AM ET


    Cannot wait!!!!


    [QUOTE=rockers]Clean and Wax those Beemers![/QUOTE]

    I ride a GS. You don’t really expect me to clean it, do you? 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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