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    Thanks Steve & Jerry

    There might still be an advantage to being smaller. and not stuck on the middle of July…we had a wet day at the rally site on Sunday, but I’m glad there only 6 of us there….sunny on Minday morning


    The Greal Lakes (unsalted & Shark Free) always provide the needed cooling in July!

    Rally Chair Bob


    PS- I had to donate $1000 to the gods to get the weather we had, but my wife takes credit for that




    Very good.  We must have left during a dry spell.  We dumped our tanks in the dump out station, then dumped  our fresh water on the far side of the lot (so I didn’t have to drive home a trailer with a half empty sloshing fresh water tank) and the guys loading didn’t have to do it in a pond and hit the road.  I don’t think we hit rain all the way home. Was actually sunny by the time we hit Kalamazoo.

    Maybe the weather gods will take cookies and brownies, maybe jerky next  year…



    Great time in Petosky.  Gary Newby did an outstanding job in and around the airheads tent.

    Even had to don his security hat for a local “wannabee” organizer.  


    Larry in Jax, FL

    Roy Jackson

    Sounds lke I missed a good rally. This is the first RA rally I have missed in a while. I went to Utah rally with that other club. Only the second rally I ever stayed at a motel instead of camp., but I knew it was going to be hot. I was not disapointed. 🙂  Next year in Boise in July. I’m out. I only went to Utah  because that was the last area of the lower 48 that I had not ridden in. I can’t wait to see where we are going next year and when. Oct. in AR was perfect.  The rally in Utah did not break 5000, yet want to bet they don’t change the dates is the future and less people will go the the MOA rallies. Last year at the Buffalo rally I think there were almost as many RV’s as people tenting. Not what I am looking for in a rally.  Go RA…




    Thanks to all the organizers, volunteers and vendors at the rally.  It was a great spot, great location, great weather and wonderful time.  Hope everyone  made it to their next destination safely!


    Steven Getz

    Ditto all the above praise and thanks.

    This weekend our friends in MOA will rally in Salt Lake City.  Here are a suggested few forum topics to discuss on the MOA site:

    -the daytime July SLC temps are unexpectedly hot

    -the nighttime July SLC temps are unexpectedly hot

    -the areas leading into SLC are too hot for riding

    -not enough tree-shaded camping areas

    -not enough grassy area camping areas

    -the (fill in the blank) area had no ac

    -the premium fuel was only 91 octane

    -the premium beer was only 3.2 octane

    -i was dehydrated and had to drink water, not beer

    -why does the committee pick these sites?

    Again, RA, well done.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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