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        *  The Petoskey Jaycees will be selling Beer/Wine in the Beer Garden. Michigan law prohibits bringing Alcohol           into a licensed area. Please comply!

        *  Michigan also has a deposit/returnable bottle/can program. Please deposit empties in the identified                         containers; not the trash. The local “Boy Scouts” will be collecting those and returning them to help their                 programs.

        *  We have lots of camping space, but the Michigan DEQ has camping requirements. Please keep space                  between the tents/bikes to allow a 4 foot emergency egress. Also, no cars/trucks will be permitted to park in          the camping areas…we have a large parking lot.

        *  No Campfires are permitted on the fairgrounds due to City Fire Department.

        * The Friday & Saturday dinners are pre-sale only during registration. Friday BBQ Chicken tickets must be               purchased by Thursday 2:00 PM and Saturday Dinners by 2:00 PM Friday. Meals can be purchased at rally           registration.

        * We need Rally Volunteers- Please help and sign up near registration area.

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