Rally Location Basics- Questions?

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    Rockers: It’s pretty neat when the two BMW rallies are on consecrative week-ends. I know that I would be more willing to go to the west coast for two rallies rather then one. On a selfish note, I really like it when they are both in the central part of of the country. Last year, with the MOA in Tenn., and the RA in W.VA., it worked out great. Just my .02 cents worth. Vaya con Dios. Dutch


    I wish they were widely separated in terms of distance and time of year. After a few days of rallying I’m burned out on it for a couple of months and need to recharge my soul by riding more. I also like the idea of varying the time to optimize weather conditions in the hosting area. I’d sure like to see TX, NM or AZ, but not in July!


    Personally I’d like to have rally’s not scheduled on or too near holiday weekends as more people are on the road paying even less attention to driving than usual.

    I’m big on avoiding heat so moving the dates around is OK with me.

    Thanks for taking this on, the RA rally in Houghton was great! :thumb


    If you look at the times and locations of the RA National Rallies over the years, you can conclude one thing. When the rally is in “warm area” the rally is in September to avoid the heat. When the rally is in the north, rally is in the summer to avoid poor/cooler weather. In the past 5 or 6 years, the RA Rally has been tied (date wise) to the MOA rally a few times. Now Questions?

    Is the north/south (warm/cold) thinking a good thing or would a consistent time of year be preferred?

    When practical, do you like having the RA Rally date close to the MOA once in a while to allow 1 trip to cover both? Does this help west coast members go east and vice versa? or would you pefer independent dates a month or greater apart?

    I know our average age is getting up there, but do Sept rallies cause vacation problems with children in school? What about a Rally over a holiday weekend? (Memorial, the 4th, Labor days)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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