Rally 2007 announcement is imminent!

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    [QUOTE=*SHAG* »]Any news yet? It’s been 10 days! :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

    Everytime I start getting cranky I remind myself it’s an all-volunteer effort. They do such a good job and I love RA rallies so much. I just hope I can be there, wherever it is.



    [QUOTE=MarkF »]Everytime I start getting cranky I remind myself it’s an all-volunteer effort. They do such a good job and I love RA rallies so much. I just hope I can be there, wherever it is.[/QUOTE]

    I agree completely!

    As a matter of fact if the B A N J ?? is true then Deb & I WILL be volunteering.

    The 2007 Rally page does hint at the second week of December, but I’m not going to complain.

    I know that ALL of the I’s have to be Dotted and the T’s Crossed before an official announcement can be made.

    I’m still working on ride routes 😀



    The page is up!







    [B]B A N J it is![/B]



    [QUOTE=MarkF »][B]B A N J it is![/B][/QUOTE]

    Cool. I’ve never been to B A N J ! 😎



    [QUOTE=*SHAG* »]Cool. I’ve never been to B A N J ! :cool:[/QUOTE]

    Be careful you might turn out like Jamie James and not leave


    Can’t wait



    We hope to be able to announce the date & location of the 2007 rally within a few days. After that, I’ll be adding sections to this forum specific to riding there, ways to meet up with other people, things to do nearby, and so forth.

    Any day now! Really! It’ll be worth it, I promise!



    I was at the BILTMORE last year. What a nice area to have a Rally. Thanks;)



    My wife Susan is really excited about this rally, and the riding area is great,

    We are in !

    Craig & Susan Cleasby



    O.k… I’m local. I’ve owned 31 BMWs, I’m down to two, and the RA Rally is going to be in my backyard. I’m also a dedicated Airhead.

    First thing: the Wing Rally ended in Asheville because of two things: 1) Gold Wings clogged the roads of Downtown Asheville 2) Wing Riders are cheap. They bought nothing and took up all the parking spaces.

    As a result, the City Council and Mayor said “hey, if it goes to Tennessee, fine”. Good riddance. If I want to see chubby people on big motorcycles with stuffed toy animals lashed on, I’ll go to a Wing Rally.

    Things you should know before you come:

    1) Asheville used to be pretty cool. Now it’s full of “Money from Other Places”. Like Boulder, Moab, Bozeman and other good places, it’s in the process of being “loved to death”.

    2) Take no notice of the mountains that have been cleared to build McMansions.

    3) I-26, the Interstate running roughly north and south, is deadly. There is no run off room, traffic moves fast, uniform, and over badly worn roadway and the lanes are narrow. Expect heavy traffic between Asheville and Hendersonville. Be particularly careful if heading into town on I-240. The West Asheville Bridge is the only way to transition through Asheville heading North or South. It requires a 4 lane lane change into one single lane and a hard left hand turn. Locals fly. Those that do not know slow down, and then it gets really fun.

    4) Expect to see dirty clothed hippies in the same place you see wretched American excess and trendy bars/galleries/clothing. The people that made Asheville the interesting and eclectic place it was are being “disappeared” by people with lots of money. Condos downtown start at $300,000. Be sure to not park where Escalades and Hummers can’t turn “right”. Your bike may well be hit.

    5) There are good bars. Most are not on the main drag of town.

    I’ll add more later. Ask any question. I’ll shoot straight.



    Can’t wait to find out the details. Couldn’t make it to last years so Deb & I are going through withdrawals 🙂



    Am I the only one checking everyday?



    [QUOTE=MarkF »]Am I the only one checking everyday?[/QUOTE]

    No you are not. I wish they had left the list of past RA rallies up. I have killed many brain cells and can’t remember all that we have been to. I think our first way the Bay:D



    [QUOTE=scbmwrider »]I wish they had left the list of past RA rallies up…[/QUOTE]
    Funny you should mention that; I just added that list back to the rally home page.

    [url]http://www.bmwra.org/rally/[/url] as usual.

    Hopefully I’ll be uploading the new rally site this week some time! Board meeting tonight; maybe we’ll agree to announce.

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