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    Don’t know about the low comfort seat but I’ve had 3-1200RT’s in a row and went with a custom seat very quickly, after the discomfort of the stock seat. I have a Bill Mayer seat that I’ve transferred every time I bought a new bike. Far better than stock, but given the opportunity, I would probably get a Russell day-long. I like long trips and can’t imagine riding with the stock seat from BMW anymore.
    Good luck on your decision.


    Custom seats are generally the best bet for those who putting most or all of their weight on their butt when riding. Most after market seats are not truly custom. The design is a compromise based upon the maker’s experience via customer input and testing. If you get a true custom seat, you should have have a chat with the maker (or the maker should have a detailed questionnaire about your riding/sitting style) to discuss key features. Note that custom seats typically will lock your butt into one position. If you like a more sporting style of riding, you might find the custom seat a bit restrictive. But if made to your specs, it will be more comfortable on a long rides on the interstate.

    Some of the areas of focus you might want to consider are:
    1. Sufficient cutaway at the forward part of the seat so that you can reach the ground flat-footed when stopping, but still have sufficient support for your weight (think tractor seat design).
    2. Another aspect that should be considered is if the motorcycle ergonomics are such that your torso is leaned forward, more upright, or back a little. This will have an impact on where in the seat you will be putting the most pressure, and thus need the most cushion. If you like to use highway footpegs, you will be putting a lot of pressure on your spine.
    3. Finally, (and this is a little delicate) is body shape. Being honest about your weight and its distribution on your body will be important. A custom seat maker can take that into account when positioning the padding. Send a photo.

    No doubt there are more, but I find these to be critical.


    not trying to start an oil thread but I recently moved off an older RS to a new RT. The RS had a Corbin 2 piece which was very comfortable for me although a bit of a stretch for my 30″ inseam. The new RT’s seat is not particularly comfortable after an hour or so so it has to go. I’m really on the fence between a new Corbin and the low comfort seat from BMW, if that’s the correct name. I admit to being a bit confused by the ‘comfort seat’ and ‘low seat’ designations. Perhaps someone can comment , makes me think I’m starting an oil thread, on the RRT Corbin and help me on the BMW selection.

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