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    That is a beautifull bike. I love it! But with all that power and those early ABS drum brakes, I bet the rider could easily soil their shorts. Those drums were near impossible to lock because they are so weak. thus early ABS.


    Wow, nice workmanship!

    I wonder what an oil or hex head would look in cafe racer guise like the 750 the owner of San Jose BMW has 😎

    Dan Wright

    It was a great weekend at the Finger Lakes rally. Sunday afternoon, right around lunch time, a local rode in on this beautiful custom creation. Needless to say it attracted plenty of attention.

    Buffalo Bob

    That’s one way to solve your final drive problem!

    Dan Wright

    A few more.

    Roy Jackson

    It always amazees me the way some of the more mechinical inclined can come up with these creations. I wonder if the suspension can handle all that power. interesting bike


    I think it’s pretty cool, and the workmanship looks really good. One engine mount at the front and one down by the centerstand bracket (of the engine). The valve covers just look a bit too big, but that’s probably because my eye expects something smaller having seen these bikes before. The motor definitely looks chunky in there.

    I have an Airhead frame and an R1100 motor… hmmm.


    Oh, my! I think I’m in love. Can you make mine a hack?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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