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    I’m sure everyone is planning their routes to the Rally and I hope Pre-registration is on your list of “to dos”. However this is reminder that in addition to pre-registration, you can purchase your tickets for “da Yoopers” concert and the buffet meals at a discount thru MTU’s website.

    “Da Yoopers” are the ” #1 FISHING, HUNTING & BEER DRINKING COMEDY SHOW IN AMERICA!”. The comedy songs and sketches are packed with crazy antics that spoof everyday life. Advance general seating tickets for the concert are available on MTU’s website for $12. However, the Rozsa only seats about 1100, so don’t wait, not everyone at the Rally will have this once in a lifetime opportunity! The link for ordering the tickets thru MTU is; [url]https://maxweb.auxtech.mtu.edu/Scripts/Max/2000/maxshop.exe?store=ROZ[/url]

    MTU is offering buffet style breakfasts and dinners at Wads Hall located down the hill from the rally site. Friday & Saturday buffet breakfasts will be $11.50 tax included. Thursday’s fried chicken & spaghetti is $13.50, and Friday’s planked Lake Superior white fish & carved roast beef is $15.50. The buffets are “all you can eat” and include all the side options, desert, and beverage. . The website [url]http://www.dining.mtu.edu/rally.html[/url] will provide more detail on the meals. To order the meals go to the same website for the tickets above.

    The website requires you to establish a “User’s ID” and accepts major credit cards (worked for me!). You’ll be able to pick your tickets up at the concessions at Rally Central after you sign-in at Registration.

    Rally Chair

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